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The telephone operator Veek announced this Wednesday (19) a prepaid plan in which consumers will be able to access the mobile internet for free. There are even some limitations, such as a maximum of 2 GB per month, but the company’s CEO, Alberto Blanco, explains to the TechTudo that the idea is to democratize connectivity for Brazilians.

It works like this: the customer buys the Veek phone chip, which costs R$15 (plus R$15 for shipping). After installing it on their smartphone, a person must log into the Veek app to do what the company calls “check-in.” First, a video advertisement is displayed, which can last from six to 30 seconds. Subsequently, Veek releases internet access for a certain period, which is informed directly in the application, compatible with Android and iPhone.

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Veek chip — Photo: Publicity/Veek

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Every Veek Pre 2.0 customer is entitled to a maximum of 2 GB per month. The person can make several check-ins throughout the day, depending on the instructions that are displayed within the official app.

“We have reports of customers who are with us and haven’t spent a penny on telephony for months,” says Blanco. The idea is to increase the monthly data limit over time.

Consumers who need more internet can buy separate packages, but this is not mandatory. Veek has released the following prices for extra gigabytes:

  • BRL 6 – 0.5 GB
  • BRL 10 – 1 GB
  • BRL 18 – 3 GB
  • BRL 32 – 6 GB
  • BRL 42 – 8 GB
  • BRL 55 – 12 GB
  • BRL 120 – 26 GB

Today Veek has 15,000 customers, of which 25% make free use of the telephone service. The company has been offering the Freemium package since the first half of 2021. Users who wish to do so will be able to migrate to the new modality at no additional cost.

Check-in process on the Veek app — Photo: Disclosure/Veek and Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

Blanco’s idea is to reach 100,000 customers by February 2023 and reach 500,000 by the end of next year. Veek uses the same telephony antennas as TIM. The transit of data on the ground, through optical fiber and other technologies, uses the infrastructure of the Americanet company.

Some companies in the telephone sector are looking for ways to facilitate internet access for those who cannot afford even the most affordable prepaid plans. Claro, for example, bets on Prezão Free, whose mechanics include carrying out tasks to accumulate coins, which can then be exchanged for data packages and other benefits.

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