Viola Davis: Discover 6 Films with the Oscar Winner

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Viola Davis is one of the greatest actresses of all time. And it’s not us who are saying: the The New York Times placed her 9th on the list of the greatest artists of the 21st century.

she is the only one African-American actress to achieve “Triple Crown of Acting”the name given to the trio of awards made up of the Oscars, Emmys and Tony Awards.

With a career that turns 30 now in 2022, and that will soon hit theaters with The King Woman, is a good time to revisit the trajectory of the actress, twice named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Check out his best film performances!

1. A Boundary Between Us (2016)

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We couldn’t start this list without including A Boundary Between Usthe feature film for which Viola Davis won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Directed by and starring Denzel Washington, the film returns to the 1950s.

Viola is Rose, wife of Troy, role of Denzel. In the plot, Troy works collecting garbage from the streets, while trying to migrate to the truck driver’s post.

His character carries an immense resentment for not being able to become a professional baseball player for racist reasons, and that’s why he doesn’t want his son to be an athlete. An impeccable performance by the actress!

two. The Supreme Voice of the Blues (2020)

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It’s true that The Supreme Voice of the Blues took many people to theaters to see the posthumous film by Chadwick Boseman, but nothing would be the same without the outstanding presence of Viola Davis.

In the feature film, Davis is Ma Rainey, one of the first professional African-American blues singers and a pioneer in recording albums in the genre, earning her the nickname “Mother of the Blues”.

For this performance, Viola Davis secured another Oscar nomination last year. She didn’t win, but she left another brilliant performance.

3. Doubt (2008)

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Doubt followed the story of the charismatic Father Flynn, who tried to end rigidity at St. Nicholas, in the Bronx, which had just welcomed its first black student, Donald Miller.

In the film, Viola Davis plays Donald’s mother, Mrs. Miller. For this performance, the actress was Oscar nominee for best supporting actress in the 2009 edition of the award. It was the actress’s first nomination for the main award in North American cinema.

4. Crossed Stories (2011)

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Viola’s second Oscar nomination came for Crossed Stories. It was the first time she was nominated for Best Actress.. The film returns to the state of Mississippi in the 1960s, a period when racial segregation was still a reality in the United States.

The actress plays Aibileen Clark, a maid who is the first to grant an interview to Skeeter, a young white writer, who is trying to interview black women in the city.

Skeeter wants to tell the life story of women who work in raising the children of the white elite. It’s a unique performance by Viola Davis, quietly one of the great films of the last decade.

5. The suspects (2013)

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Before definitively winning Hollywood, Denis Villeneuve directed The suspects, and had the pleasure of sharing filming with Viola Davis. The Oscar-winning actress plays Nancy Birch, who sees her daughter and a friend disappear.

Distressed, she doesn’t give up looking for her daughter and, for that, she counts on the help of the character played by Jake Gyllenhaal. A visceral performance by the great actress that is Viola.

6. The Suicide Squad (2016)

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Before sharing screen with Dwayne Johnson in black adam, Viola Davis had already played the role of Amanda Waller before. The first of these was in the long-awaited Suicide squadfrom 2016.

Although the public turned up their noses, the first appearance of the DC Comics group took many people to the cinema and no one can question the actress’ performance. In the film, she delivers a competent performance to Agent Waller.

The character is responsible for creating the project that gives name to the feature film, an initiative by the US government of its own team of metahumans. Luckily, Viola reappeared in the 2021 sequel.

And for you, what is the best performance of Viola Davis? Many people met the actress in the series How to Defend an Assassin, so take the opportunity to dive into her other works. Some of them you can find articles here in My Series!

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