Zendaya doesn’t need a stunt double in her new movie, ‘Challengers’ – 10/19/2022

10/19/2022 | 15:20

Zendaya received praise from director Lucas Guadagnino for his dedication and performance in the new feature that will star, Challengers. The actress, along with the actors who are also in the film, were guided by former tennis player Brad Gilbert, who praised the trio’s technique, representing true athletes.

In an interview with American magazine Variety, Guadagnino praised the actress’ performance: “She’s wonderful,” he said. “I mean, wow! We edited the movie and we barely used any of her stunt doubles. She’s so good.”

With a screenplay by playwright Justin Kuritzkes, who will make his theatrical debut, Challengers introduces Zendaya as Tashi, a tennis player who, upon becoming a coach, decides to transform her husband Art (Mike) from an average player to a Grand Slam world champion. However, she will need to get over Patrick (Josh), a promising tennis player who was her ex-boyfriend. The new film is scheduled to open in US theaters on August 11, 2023.


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