10 best movies with The Rock

The Rock is such a big name in Hollywood that it’s hard to find a movie with him that hasn’t been successful. And it is not difficult to understand why all this popularity that the star has achieved.

Dwayne Johnson, his real name, is not only very strong and the owner of a colossal physique, but also the owner of a unique charisma. And this all makes him a very versatile figure, working in both action films and lighter comedies.

That’s why, piggybacking on the premiere of black adamO Canaltech listed the 10 best films with The Rock for you to know the multiple facets of brucutu. After all, he didn’t become one of the world’s most famous baldheads overnight.

10. No Pain, No Gain

What happens when we combine a brucutu like The Rock with one of the exponents of explosion cinema like Michael Bay? As you can imagine, No pain no gain doesn’t skimp on the action and brings breathtaking sequences — which, in itself, is already noteworthy.

However, what guarantees its presence on our list is precisely the fact that this is a very different film from those Johnson usually stars in. Instead of the story of the good guy hero, the feature is based on a real episode in which two personal trainers get involved with the criminal world to live the so-called “American dream”, which obviously results in tragedy and disgrace for everyone.

No pain no gain It is available for purchase and rent on the Microsoft Store, Google Play, Amazon and iTunes.

9. Red Alert

One of The Rock’s most recent productions, Red alert is the great meeting of the great titans of current cinema in one place. In addition to Dwayne Johnson himself, he still has Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds in what is already one of the most expensive movies on Netflix.

In the plot, the star plays an agent who follows the hunt for two legendary thieves. The problem is that, in the midst of this persecution, he falls into a trap and is also seen as a criminal. So he needs to ally himself with one of the bad guys in order to clear his name — exploring that unlikely partnership formula he does so well.

Red alert is available on Netflix.

8. Jungle Cruise

After the success of Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney tried to get another franchise inspired by one of the most classic rides in its amusement park. For this, he chose none other than Mr Charisma de Hollywood to star in the project.

Jungle Cruise is a very fun adventure with that more classic atmosphere, with The Rock playing the captain of a small vessel that takes an explorer — played by Emily Blunt — to the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The problem is that this tour reveals several dangers and that’s where we see the importance of having a bodyguard the size of a closet.

Jungle Cruise is available on Disney+.

7. The Mummy Returns

OK, The return of the mummy it’s not quite a movie by The Rock — but it was the feature that introduced the former WWE wrestler to the world of cinema. He only makes a brief appearance during the prologue, playing the already iconic Scorpion-King, who is a fundamental part of the adventure plot.

And what was supposed to be just a tiny bit opened the door for Hollywood brute. Not long after, he starred in a spin-off focused on the Scorpio-King and today he is this titan of entertainment made of muscle, merchandising and charisma.

The return of the mummy is available on Netflix, Star+ and Telecine.

6. The Other Guys

Part of The Rock’s success in Hollywood is the way he manages to balance action and comedy. And this is something that we begin to realize already in The Other Guysa film that is not well remembered among the great productions involving the actor, but which already sets the tone for what will become the star’s career.

In the story, he plays a detective alongside Samuel L. Jackson who are among the most adored and admired in all of New York. The problem is that all this popularity also serves as inspiration for other agents to try to make big arrests. And it’s when the cops played by Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg enter a risky mission that The Rock and Jackson must take action to save them.

The Other Guys is available on Netflix, Star+ and HBO Max.

5. Fighting for the Family

Based on a true story, Fighting for the Family tells the story of Paige (Florence Pugh), one of the greats of WWE. And the film portrays how she got to that position, coming from a family of wrestlers and fighting for a place in the biggest wrestling company in the world.

And where does The Rock fit into that? Being one of the most successful cases of fighters who managed to shine outside the ring, the actor appears playing himself and how he was vital for Paige to conquer his place.

Fighting for the Family is available on Prime Video.

4. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Dwayne Johnson is so big that he doesn’t even fit in a franchise already full of big names, like Fast and furious. So much so that he managed to create his own spin-off so he could shine without so many stars trying to overshadow him.

In Hobbs & Shaw, The Rock teams up with Jason Statham in an attempt to stop a criminal who wants to use a technological threat to fire a biological weapon that could wipe out humanity. It’s a mission of vital importance, but one that can fail for the simple fact that this duo can’t work as a team.

And this is where the film really shines. Even with a script that isn’t great, this conflicting dynamic between the two characters is what makes it all fun and shows that it’s in this kind of interaction that the star really shines.

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw is available for purchase and rental on Google Play, Amazon and iTunes.

3. A Spy and a Half

The unlikely duo formula reaches its apex in A Spy and a Halfone of the best comedies starring The Rock and in which he shows why he is one of the funniest and most charismatic names in cinema today.

Alongside Kevin Hart, Johnson plays a childhood ex-nerd who has become a powerful and ruthless CIA agent. And it’s during a meeting with his old schoolmates that he ends up recruiting an old friend to save the world from an international threat. The problem is that this ally is a simple accountant.

A Spy and a Half is available on Netflix, Prime Video, Star+ and Globoplay.

2. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

When they announced a remake of the classic Jumanji, a lot of people turned up their noses. When they confirmed that The Rock would be the protagonist, the complaints only increased. However, Welcome to the Jungle arrived in theaters and proved to be a very fun film that, although very different from the original, managed to bring an atmosphere of uncompromising adventure that we hadn’t seen in the cinema for a long time.

Instead of the board game, Jumanji turned into a video game where players get stuck in the characters. Thus, the nerd of the gang ends up incorporating in the brute of The Rock, who has to deal with a team completely unfit to deal with the dangers that await him.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle it’s on Netflix.

1. Fast & Furious 7

Fast and furious It’s already the biggest current action franchise and The Rock participated in a few chapters throughout the series until it got its own spin-off. But it’s in Fast & Furious 7 that he really shines.

In fact, the film is already considered the best of the entire franchise for all the emotional charge it carries – it is the last one to feature Paul Walker, who died in a traffic accident – ​​but that is not the only reason. for which he stands out. All the characters are very good, with their actors giving their all.

It is in this context that Dwayne Johnson draws attention with his Hobbs. Even though he is not the protagonist of the story, he stands out so much to the point of conquering the aforementioned spin-off soon after.

And, as much as we know that the behind-the-scenes of the feature was filled with ego fights and bullshit, seeing all these brucutus side by side is so much fun.

Fast & Furious 7 is available on Prime Video, Star+ and Telecine.

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