10 Movies for you who like to think about TECHNOLOGY in the future

Seeking new ways to solve problems through inventions that somehow change the experience of human beings on earth, technology is something that follows its constant flow of innovations and new trends. But are there limits to this technology? Does every technology positively change a life? Usually in science fiction films we are able to reflect on technologies that are somehow part of the conflict of various characters. With this in mind, we created a list with 10 movies for you who like to think about technology in the future:

Frank and the Robot

In the plot, in the near future, we meet Frank (Frank Langella) a retired thief who lives alone in a house a little far from the city center. One of the last men of the old guard, in a world filled with technological actions, Frank maintains a cold and distant relationship with his only two children (played by the actors James Marsden and Liv Tyler). One day, one of his sons decides to pay a visit and brings with him a state-of-the-art robot to help his father with housework and anything else he needs. The initial distrust soon turns into a bond of friendship, which is strongly established, making the robot a great partner of Frank, even partner in crime.

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Do not worry, dear

In the plot, we meet Alice (Florence Pugh), a happy housewife who lives in a neighborhood full of harmony, where happiness seems to reign 24 hours a day. Her husband Jack (Harry Styles) is an engineer who works in a mysterious place that gives him a very stable life. Alice’s routine is to talk to neighbors, take the cable car in the neighborhood where they live and go to a dance school. A routine completely dedicated to her husband and her lifestyle in the 50s. Until one day she starts having some hallucinations and starts looking around her in other ways, finding gaps in this perfect life. Thus, the protagonist embarks on a journey of discoveries that go far beyond what she imagined.

Blade Runner 2049

With parts of the filming taking place in beautiful Budapest, Blade Runner 2049puts us years ahead in the universe of the first film, Blade Runner – The Android Hunter (1982), where we meet police officer K (Ryan Gosling) who is going through a confusing phase that begins with a mysterious investigation that leads him to have doubts about his own origin. In order to put an end to this mystery, his research leads him to a former blade runner, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) who lives isolated near San Diego, a devastated and forgotten area where they live in isolation wanting a revolution. Thus, the past and the present come together in pursuit of their goals.

The Swan’s Song

In the plot, we meet the artist Cameron (Mahershala Ali) who finds himself years in the future lost in a news that shook his thinking: he has a terminal illness and doesn’t know how to tell his family. Thus, he ends up exploring a possibility that comes through Doctor Jo (Glenn Close), which is to create a clone of him to live the rest of his life that he cannot live with his family and therefore defending his wife Poppy from the pain of loss (Naomie Harris) and her young son. A complex choice, full of variables will need to be made.

Tomorrowland – A Place Where Nothing Is Impossible

In the plot, we follow the adventures of young Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), a teenager with a huge curiosity for science who lives with her father in a North American city. One day, she meets unusual characters and manages to discover a way to transport herself almost automatically to a parallel reality, created by scientist Frank Walker (George Clooney), a frustrated man who now sees a chance to redesign his future.


In the plot, we accompany a woman (Melanie Laurent) who wakes up inside a capsule full of technological and computerized devices. After the first few minutes of despair, having to control his breath and emotions, he manages to get in touch with a voice, an artificial intelligence linked to the place where he is. Seeking to find some answers, before the oxygen that feeds the capsule she is running out, to find solutions to get out of this situation, she gradually understands who she is and so choices will need to be made from that moment on.


In the plot, set in the not-so-distant future, we meet mechanic Trey (Logan Marshall-Green), a man who lives in a past profession and lives in a comfortable and elegant house with his wife Asha (Melanie Vallejo), a successful technology professional who works for a well-known company. One day, after visiting a client of Trey’s, the futuristic car they were in has an accident and they both end up in a violent area of ​​the city where a group of men kill Asha and leave Trey in a quadriplegic state. A few months pass, Trey continues in search of the killers and ends up receiving a unique opportunity: he walks again, through a technological implant produced by Eron Keen (Harrison Gilbertson) a famous owner of the world’s leading technology company. So he ends up embarking on a bloody journey to find his wife’s killers.

On the Edge of Tomorrow

In the plot, set in an apocalyptic future, we follow an American soldier in the publicity area of ​​the army, named Cage (Tom Cruise), who never fought in a war. After a surprising meeting, he is forcibly sent to the front lines of the greatest war in world history. But when he dies on the battlefield, he miraculously manages to wake up exactly on the morning of the event, a routine that is established with each new death, leaving Cage with the obligation to win the war against the aliens with the help of model soldier Rita (Emily Blunt).


Science fiction led by Neill Blomkamp is set in a near future where humans are divided into two homes: the earth we know today – where the poorest live – and Elysium, a kind of space station where the rich live who do not die and are cured of all diseases. Matt Damonlives Max da Costa, a famous car thief who, after an accident at the factory where he works, gets a suit of armor and goes in search of his cure and that of humanity.


In the plot, we are introduced to a team of explorers who discover a clue to the following question: the origin of humanity on Earth! This ends up taking them on an interplanetary adventure into the most complex places that inhabit the universe. Arriving at their destination, the crew of Prometheus will have to face a cruel and painful battle to try to save the future of the human race.

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