10 Tech News to Start Your Day (10/21)

Good morning, TechMundo! Check the Top 10 news from the universe of technology, science and entertainment – they are among the most important of the day. A great opportunity to keep up to date with the latest world events, isn’t it?

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News from 1 to 10:

1. Real Digital vs PIX: What’s the difference between the two?: Real Digital will be a virtual version of our currency. It will enter a test period very soon, and the forecast for it to start circulating in the country is the first half of 2024. Now, PIX is a virtual monetary transaction that is already available in Brazil and can be done by any financial institution. Know more;

two. After hacker attack, Unimed Belém has system problems: THE Unimed Belém could be another victim of cyber attack involving ransomware. After confirming an attempted invasion last Thursday (13), the institution is experiencing instabilities in your system. Understand;

3. Legal Framework for Electronic Games was approved in the Chamber of Deputies: Bill 2796/21, known as the Legal Framework for Electronic Games, was approved yesterday (19) by the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies. The objective is to regulate the manufacture, import, commercialization and development of video games in Brazil. Click and stay inside;

4. Artificial intelligence creates scary video of human evolution: A topic that is becoming controversial on social media, artwork generated by artificial intelligence tools has been divided, with some people using features like the Dall-E 2 and others accusing the technology of degrading the work of flesh-and-blood artists. bone. On Tuesday (18), an AI-generated video shared on social media managed to delight and shock viewers. Check out;

5. World Cup: Nubank pool awards customers with up to BRL 60,000: THE 2022 World Cup only starts in November, but the Nubank is already announcing something new for football fans: the NuBolão. The new functionality will allow you to create groups to make predictions about the competition, offering a Up to BRL 60,000 prize pool for whoever hits the results of the games. See more;

6. Avowed: RPG with the air of Skyrim has leaked pre-alpha image: Yesterday (19), journalist and podcaster Jez Corden shared on his Twitter account a screenshot of the pre-alpha version of avowedfuture fantasy RPG with vibes of Skyrim which will be a Microsoft exclusive. Understand;

7. Google may launch Pixel 7 Ultra with 1-inch camera: Companies like Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi are taking the lead when it comes to camera resolution. O Google plans something similar, and according to some rumors, is working towards the next Pixel 7 Ultra has a 1-inch-sized camera sensor. Stay in;

8. House of the Dragon becomes a meme when compared to Shrek; Look!: That fans of the saga game of Thrones are masters in the art of making memes, it’s nothing new. However, the release of the last episodes of The Dragon’s House have awakened the creative side of fandom in a way never seen before. Check it out in full;

9. Silent Hill Townfall is new game published by Annapurna: Konami announced, this Wednesday (19), the development of Silent Hill Townfalla new project in the cult horror series being developed by Scottish studio NoCode, from Untold Stories and observation, in partnership with Annapurna Interactive. Understand;

10. 6 Countries with very similar flags: The national flag is one of the most important symbols of a country. However, while some are unique and unmistakable — the one in Brazil is a good example of this — others are virtually identical. Look;

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