Angelina suffers from misogyny and is associated with Amber Heard

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split six years ago, but the legal battle between the two is far from over. On the contrary, in recent weeks, more details about the couple’s separation have come to light. This week, a heartbreaking email written by Jolie was “leaked” on social media. There, she says that “alcohol destroyed her family” and that she did not approve of Pitt’s actions. The e-mail is hers, the veracity has been confirmed.

Last week, the revelations were more shocking. American media outlets had details about the couple’s lawsuit. More precisely to the part where Angelina’s defense team claims that he assaulted her in the famous incident on a plane that culminated in the separation of the two. Brad would have slammed Angelina’s head into the wall. They claim that the couple’s children would also have been assaulted.

Pitt reportedly reacted furiously to the leak and accused Angelina of “wanting to destroy him”.

The two fight in court over a property they bought together in the south of France, a winery. The actor accuses his ex-wife of selling part of the property “in secret”. According to him, the sale was carried out to “inflict damage on him” and would have been a “revenge”.

Many fear (and others hope) that the legal battle between the two will become a kind of second season of the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. There are even rumors that Pitt would have hired the same PR as Depp. That would be bad, since that drop that in June seemed like fiction, but was real life. The case of the ex-couple Brangelina is even more complicated as the couple have six children together.

But a lot of people really like to “see blood”. And in these cases, misogyny runs rampant.

On social media, Angelina is already being compared to Amber Heard and being called a “liar”.

When the first accusations of domestic violence were made public, comments were made on social media: “I hope this case goes to court and this dirty Angelina Jolie is unmasked”, or “why is she only saying this now, six years later? She wants to destroy Brad like Amber Heard did Depp, she’s a liar.”

Well, when Amber Heard lost the trial she and Depp were fighting (he was asking for compensation for moral damages after she wrote a text saying she was a victim of domestic violence and she also sued him for libel), we already expected something like this to happen. .

After the accusations made by Amber were found to be false by the jurors and Depp was found not guilty, it was expected that any woman (especially those who denounce famous men and full of fans) would be considered “liars”, “freeloaders”, “sluts”.

According to the jury’s decision, Amber lied. But the treatment she received was worthy of a “Geni” (the one from Chico Buarque’s song, which was good at spitting). Amber just missed being stoned, while Depp was hailed a hero in the arms of the people.

We don’t know what really happened between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. And justice will decide. But it’s not fair that, right away, a victim’s word begins to be challenged and that the actress receives misogynistic treatment.

A woman who reports domestic violence (whether six months or six years later) needs shelter, not stones. Of course, if she happens to be lying, the court will tell you.

The tricky thing is that now, after all the spectacle surrounding Amber and Depp’s trial, misogyny has been unleashed and some are taking the opportunity to use this example to discredit any famous woman who makes a complaint about a heartthrob.

This is why a woman who makes a false report, or even exaggerates, does others a huge disservice.

And that’s also why trials between ex-couples, with accusations of abuse, shouldn’t turn into sensationalist circuses with good guys and “shrews”.

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