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October 20, 2022 | 4:56 pm by Matheus Mans, from New York, O Estado de S.Paulo

Katz's Pastrami Sandwich Is One of New York's Beauties

Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich Is One of New York’s Beauties Photo: Matheus Mans

enter Katz It’s like being transported in a time capsule. The house was founded in 1888, just two years after the Statue of Liberty appeared in the city of New York, and it looks like almost nothing has changed compared to photos from that time. Everything there is very artisanal, talked about and agreed face to face — and, most importantly, tasty.

As soon as you arrive at the restaurant, located in the charming West Village neighborhood of New York, the queue draws attention. He leaves the glass door, turns the corner and walks aimlessly. However, it scares more than it actually takes: the doorman of the house, who stays there at the door organizing all the movement, lets you in in groups. Until it goes fast.

But it’s after going through the door that the surprise comes. It’s a simple space, but with so much going on at once that it’s hard not to marvel. There are several cooks serving individually, listening to orders and preparing everything there, on a large counter overlooking the hall. You can see the art being made there, in real time.

If you lose control ticket, Katz charges $50

If you lose control ticket, Katz charges $50 Photo: Matheus Mans

Everything works through a ticket, small and pink, that the doorman delivers at the entrance. You go to the stations (sandwiches, potatoes, drinks, etc.) and give the ticket. The cook, on the other side, takes the order there and returns it to you. You are responsible for the command, to be settled at the cashier returned to the doorman. If you lose the piece of paper, bad luck for you: you pay $50.

Good food, fair price

That line at the entrance and the fame of the space, increased by appearances in already classic films like Harry and Sally: Made for Each Other and Donnie Brasco, is also justified by the good food. O pastrami snackwhich was requested by tastehas no equal: a soft loaf, typical of the United States, protects the generous slices.

Katz atmosphere: full and with the face of the last century

Katz atmosphere: full and with the face of the last century Photo: Matheus Mans

The cook still spreads the house mustard on the bread, made at Katz since forever and even sold separately. The price is right: US$ 25.95 is for two people, even more if you order with a portion of potatoes (US$ 7). One snack per person is a lot — at surrounding tables, tourists who did this finished their meal without eating the entire snack.

If you want to get out of the ordinary, other options are praised by regulars: the two options with salami (one “soft”, US$ 20.95; the other “hard”, US$ 22.95), the turkey breast ($24.95) and corned beef ($24.95). It is worth it. Just don’t forget the ticket.

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