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While Kristen Stewart became famous for playing Bella Swan in Twilight franchise, the actor quickly took on more serious roles after all five films were made. After playing Princess Diana in the 2021 movie SpencerStewart played Timlin in David Cronenberg’s anticipated 2022 film crimes of the future.

Even though Stewart has taken on several roles since her teenage days falling in love with vampire Edward Cullen, she will always be associated with this famous character. While the Twilight the movies are fun, entertaining and nostalgic, Bella says several lines throughout the franchise that seem embarrassing to look back on.

“And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”

Bella explains the situation in the first movie

Bella and Edward standing in the woods in Twilight

Bella and Edward are confused Twilight relationship has been debated often as they both behave strangely once they meet and realize they have feelings for each other. In the first 2008 film, Bella explains that her crush on Edward has evolved into true love and that she can’t help but be attracted to him.

While there are countless TV shows and movies about high school students experiencing first love, Bella’s choice to use the words “unconditionally” and “irrevocably” seems a little weird and over the top. Would a teenager really talk like that?

“I know you can.”

Bella tells Edward he can control himself around her

Bella Swan outside in Twilight

One of the most uncomfortable parts of Edward and Bella’s love story is when, in the first movie, when Bella is still human, Edward often says he’s not in control of her. While the fact that Edward is a vampire who craves human blood is obviously an issue, his exchanges end up looking terrifying.

When Bella tells Edward that she knows he’s going to be okay, it seems awkward rather than romantic, which is the way it was planned. Since Edward spends a lot of time in Bella’s room watching her sleep, it’s hard not to wish they would talk about it differently.

“It’s a Jacob thing, you can be like your own sun.”

Bella plays with Jacob in Twilight: New Moon

Bella looking at Jacob in Twilight.

Bella is close friends with Jacob Black, which is complicated by the fact that he is in love with her. Inside The Twilight Saga New MoonBella and Jacob share some sweet scenes that are important reminders that Bella has people who care about her and she doesn’t have to just focus on the Cullens’ dramatic world.

However, when Bella tells Jacob he is “his own sun”, it’s an embarrassing quote that seems to have come out of nowhere. Bella and Jacob strangely flirt with each other in general, but this conversation definitely stands out.

“Pain is the only reminder that he was real. That you all were.”

Bella is upset in the second movie

Edward and Bella in the woods in Twilight New Moon

Although there are some changes The Twilight Saga New Moon From the books, the film adaptation captures the difficult time Bella goes through when the Cullens move away and she is left alone with her thoughts and feelings. This was necessary since Jasper tries to drink Bella’s blood, which scares Edward as he doesn’t want to end Bella’s life.

It makes sense that Bella would be devastated as she loves Edward so much, but this quote sounds so melodramatic it’s hard not to frown. There are other ways Bella could express the emotions she is experiencing.

“I want to tie myself to you in every way humanly possible.”

Bella talks to Edward in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Edward and Bella sitting in a field in Twilight

Inside The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bella shares that she cares so much about Edward that she wants to feel even closer to him. Bella awkwardly tells Edward that she wants to “tie up” to him, which seems more uncomfortable than romantic.

Bella and Edward have some tension for a while as Bella is ready to be a vampire right away and Edward isn’t sure this is the right way. Bella’s declarations of love for Edward can be a bit exaggerated and this is a good example of that.

“I’ll be the only one in white.”

Bella and Edward get married in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1

Bella and Edward at their wedding reception in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Bella and Edward get married in Dawn, and when they have one last conversation before parting ways before the big day, Bella tells Edward “I’ll be the one in white.” This quote seems corny, obvious, and unnecessary.

Since this is a milestone for the couple, there are so many other things Bella could say to mark the moment. Fans often feel that some of Bella and Edward’s arguments are intense rather than sweet and romantic, and this one seems too corny to be cute.

“I’m sure things work out the same way.”

Bella is embarrassed to talk to her father in the third movie

Charlie Swan looks serious in Twilight

Charlie Swan is one of the best Twilight characters, but there’s an incredibly awkward scene when Charlie wants to ask Bella if she’s having sex. He mentions that it’s been a while since he’s dated and Bella replies “I’m sure things work out the same way.”

Does it seem strange that Bella would respond this way, since wouldn’t she feel uncomfortable telling her father that? It’s hard to watch this moment as both characters feel terrible and don’t want to have this conversation in the first place.

“In theory.”

Bella responds when Edward asks if she trusts him

Edward touching Bella's chin in Twilight

When Edward wants to know if Bella trusts him, she replies “In theory”, which seems like a strange and confusing answer. Bella made it clear from the moment she met Edward that she would do anything for him and even put her life on the line.

Hearing Bella say she’s nervous about what Edward is about to propose doesn’t seem like her character. While Bella is a relatable teenager in some ways, when she moves to a new town she gets used to having a relationship with her father again and falls in love, sometimes she talks like she’s much older than a schoolgirl.

“We can’t separate.”

Bella talks to Edward who is in his room

Bella and Edward lying in their bed in Twilight

There are some fan favorites Twilight quotes that are funny and then there’s Bella’s declaration that she and Edward “can’t be apart”. While this line showcases the fact that the couple have become close and a big part of each other’s world, it seems a little on the nose for Bella to come out and say that they are inseparable.

Although fans like the love story on Twilight franchise, there have been some discussions about how Edward shouldn’t stay in Bella’s room at night as it seems a little too intense. That quote sounds corny and doesn’t seem like something someone would say without laughing and making it clear that it was a joke.

“Is there something wrong with me?”

Bella worries when Edward says he can read people’s minds

Edward glowing lying with Bella in a field at Twilight

When Bella discovers that Edward can read minds, she asks him about something wrong with her, which confuses Edward. While Edward gets a lot of credit for saying that Bella shouldn’t put herself down, Bella’s question is definitely weird.

It’s hard not to cringe thinking about how Bella admires Edward and thinks he’s on another level than she is. While it makes sense that she thinks about him a lot because she cares so much about him, she should stand her ground and celebrate his good qualities and what she has to offer. While Bella loves Edward, she should feel more empowered too.

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