Daniel Craig’s James Bond Death Wish Makes His Fate No Time to Die Better

Daniel Craig’s take on James Bond was distinct, and among his character’s unique qualities was a death wish that made his fate in no time to die Best. Despite his success as 007, the actor was not always thrilled with the role and reportedly needed to be convinced to accept the show. At one of the premiere events of Casino Royale in 2006, Craig said that he wanted his Bond dead – a wish that, while unplanned, became something of a direct line to his version of the character.

This is especially clear through Bond’s portrayal of Craig as often weary and with little regard for his own life, even utilizing his own “death” in Sky fall to retire, which gave the character a darker, darker aesthetic than previous portrayals. But this thematic connection between Craig’s films means that his final death in no time to die it is even better, becoming a culmination of both dramatic intent and thematic narrative.

Why James Bond had to die in no time to die


In addition to Daniel Craig’s desire to kill off his character, no time to die presented the perfect time for James Bond to step out of the role and out of his life. After all, Craig Bond’s (Judi Dench) “M” has also died and been replaced, as have several of his critical love interests. When correctly paired with James Bond’s fake death in Sky fall, it was only a matter of time before he was actually killed. But no time to die made the character’s fate a natural part of the growth and momentum for the series, providing Craig’s Bond with a legacy in both his daughter Mathilde (Lisa-Dorah Sonnet) and Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), a love interest who doesn’t die or cheat and gets along well. With his memory cemented in his surviving family, Craig’s Bond arc – which focused on recklessness, fatigue and the dangers of work for those close to him – was ready to close.

Why Bond’s No Time To Die Death Was A Perfect Ending For Craig


Not only was James Bond’s death in no time to die perfect for Craig’s version of the character, but it was a fitting send-off for the actor’s portrayal of the role as well. With the framing of Vesper’s (Eva Green) tomb at the beginning of no time to die for Bond’s sacrifice to ensure the end of the murderous nanobots at the end of the film, Craig’s Bond was allowed to end his run as a hero while calling back to his first film as the character. The final film in Craig’s James Bond career also marks the actor’s contribution to the franchise, providing a satisfying ending that honored his wishes.

Changing the guard is never an easy process, but Craig’s death wish for the character bore unexpected fruit in his portrayal of 007 and his fate in no time to die. With the end of Craig’s James Bond films handled in a way that seems to be in character, the series is now free to move forward with a new direction and tone. Meanwhile, Craig’s Bond can rest easy knowing his stories have come to a satisfying conclusion.

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