Dinosaur poop and 31 ton amethyst: the curious stone museum in RS – 10/21/2022

Tourists visiting Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha, have the opportunity to visit some of the most curious attractions in the region: the A Mina gemstone museum, which has a huge collection of stones, curious items — such as dinosaur feces — and its largest attraction: a gigantic and beautiful amethyst stone, weighing 31 tons, six meters high and four meters long.

It is the largest amethyst in the world and will soon be listed in the Guinness World Records. The geode is displayed in the parking lot in front of the museum and is a true masterpiece of nature.

Amethyst is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet and appears in different colors. The difference between this mineral and other quartz is in its violet (purple) color. This hue stems from the existence of ferric impurities in its composition. The more purple the stone, the more valuable it is.

The Gramado geode, which is already whitish in color due to climatic factors such as sun and rain, was discovered more than 15 years ago in a mine in the city of Artigas, on the border between Uruguay and Brazil.

Gramado in RS has the largest amethyst in the world - Luciano Nagel - Luciano Nagel

The Gramado amethyst, outside the museum, lost its color due to the sun and rain

Image: Luciano Nagel

Its original destination was to be sold to a museum in Germany, which did not happen due to transport difficulties and bureaucratic procedures, said the manager of the museum A Mina, Marli Batista, 55 years old.

In this case, a friendly negotiation took place between the owners of the two museums – Gramado and Germany, which ended up selling the precious stone at a more “affordable” price. Value that was not disclosed to the report.

Gramado in RS has the largest amethyst in the worldGramado in RS has the largest amethyst in the world - Luciano Nagel - Luciano Nagel

One of the museum’s halls has more than a thousand stones on display.

Image: Luciano Nagel

More than rocks: tunnels and dinosaur relics

In addition to the largest amethyst stone in the world, the visitor who enters the museum will feel like a true miner, having the opportunity to explore the underground mines. On the first route, there is a replica of a mining site, where tourists walk through a tunnel 80 meters long.

Gramado in RS has the largest amethyst in the world - Luciano Nagel - Luciano Nagel

Museum corridors have thousands of specimens of stones

Image: Luciano Nagel

Gramado in RS has the largest amethyst in the world - Luciano Nagel - Luciano Nagel

Tourist destination in Gramado is open daily

Image: Luciano Nagel

In this gallery are a variety of gemstones from the soil of Rio Grande do Sul, such as amethyst, anhydrite, quartz, calcite, selenite, citrine, among other minerals.

Citrus, for example, is rare and expensive. “Basically it is an amethyst heated between 500 and 600º C forming a yellow or orange stone”, explained Marli Batista, passionate about stones and their energies.

Gramado in RS has the largest amethyst in the world - Luciano Nagel - Luciano Nagel

One of the Citrine specimens from the A Mina museum

Image: Luciano Nagel

Another curious sample is selenite, a hydrated calcium sulfate mineral. “This stone, selenite, is approximately 6 million years old, moreover, selenium purifies the water from the beer and makes the plaster”, added the manager.

After crossing the first gallery, the visitor finds another space in the ‘mine’, which has more than a thousand copies of precious stones, from the smallest, with centimeters in diameter, to the largest.

Gramado - Amethyst - Dinosaur Feces - Luciano Nagel - Luciano Nagel

Curious Museum Item: Dinosaur Poop

Image: Luciano Nagel

The fragments, all cataloged, originate from Brazil and several countries such as the United States, Russia, Japan, Madagascar, Republic of Congo, among others, with China being one of the countries that most import amethysts from Rio Grande do Sul. In addition, there is space for fossils, such as the petrified dinosaur egg and its feces.

Before ending the walk through the museum, the tourist still passes through a corridor all lit up with several stones exposed on the walls. The idea is to place your hands for a few minutes on each layer, as many people believe that they have a natural magnetic field capable of healing, balancing and energizing the body and the environment.

Gramado - Amethyst - stone museum - Luciano Nagel - Luciano Nagel

The outdoor area of ​​the museum, located in Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha

Image: Luciano Nagel

The Mine – Stone Museum
Where: Rua Germano Boff, 501 – Carazal, Gramado / RS
Opening hours: every day from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

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