Drew Barrymore reveals that while drinking he stayed with one of George Clooney’s best friends – 10/21/2022

10/21/2022 | 11:10

Opened the game! At the age of 47, actress Drew Barrymore told an unusual situation during an interview with The Drew Barrymore Show, which airs this Friday, the 21st.

Alongside George Clooney, Drew revealed that he stayed with one of the actor’s best friends. According to her, the moment happened during the recording of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, in 2002.

– I got so drunk while we were doing Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) that I hooked up with Waldo. He’s George’s best friend, and they work together and so yeah, the next day at work I was like, Uh, cool.

George then recalled that the situation happened after the divorce of the actress, who was facing a very difficult emotional time:

– We were in Montreal, we were all stuck there together and you had just gotten divorced, remember, and you had just gotten there and it was an emotional time for you. And so it really felt like an obligation for us to make sure you were okay, and that was fun.


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