Ex-nanny claims Olivia Wilde donated dog to spend more time with Harry Styles

Even after Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis commented on the statements already made by the ex-nanny about the end of the couple’s relationship, the girl, identified by the TMZ newspaper as Erika Genaro (but who preferred not to be identified in the interviews granted), gave new statements to the Daily Mail about the alleged relationship of the actress while she was married to singer Harry Styles.

Genaro said that the actress was “rolling” Sudeikis even after the separation and exemplified, claiming that the now ex-couple, on some occasions, continued to sleep in the same bed. She also said that Wilde continued to send loving messages to her ex-husband, with whom she was in a relationship from 2011 to 2020.

The former nanny claimed she received a message written by the actor where he called Olivia a “deeply painful mess” that didn’t live in reality. And she also said that the former boss had donated her dog just weeks after meeting Harry Styles so she could spend more time with the singer.

The ex-couple has already spoken about other allegations

Olivia and Jason had already gone public to talk about the other statements that the former nanny has been pronouncing about the end of the relationship between the artists. In one of them, she claimed that the comedian had yelled at the director and also threw himself under her car, preventing her from getting out.

For them, the important thing is to take care of their children, Daisy, 6 years old and Otis, 8 years old, protecting them from “false accusations without public foundation”.

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