Flamengo increases profit and takes BRL 7.9 million from the final box office

Champion, Flamengo was left with a total of R$ 7.9 million in profit from the box office of the final of the Copa do Brasil against Corinthians. This represents 71% of the amount raised of R$ 11.2 million, a percentage well above the other two championship decisions in the stadium. It is the first time that the club plays in a final of this championship as manager of Maracanã.

The red-black profit is more than double that of Corinthians in the first game of the decision. At Neo Química, the alvinegro club had R$ 3.545 million in net revenue for a box office of R$ 4.7 million.

The public stadium in the Rio de Janeiro area has a very high cost, higher than other arenas in the country. Therefore, in the first semester, Flamengo got less than half of the box office obtained in its games.

Still, the club has managed to improve its profit since taking over the management of the stadium in a provisional concession given in 2019. Since then, Flamengo and Fluminense have managed Maracanã. Arena managers understand that, with this, they were able to make spending for the games more efficient.

Against Corinthians, the box office was R$ 11.2 million. Although it is the club’s highest income in absolute numbers, the amount collected is lower than that of the 2013 Copa do Brasil, against Athletico-PR, if corrected for inflation. With the correction by the IPCA, that box office would be R$ 16.5 million (the original value is R$ 9.7 million).

The difference is that the club took home a larger share of the box office this Wednesday compared to the 2013 decision and the 2017 final, against Cruzeiro. Against the team from Paraná, Flamengo was left with only 58% of the revenue obtained from tickets. Against Cruzeiro, that share went to 61%.

Another factor is that Flamengo reduced the number of free tickets and the average ticket price compared to that first decision. There were about 7,000 free this time, while the number in 2013 reached 11,000. The average income against Corinthians was R$ 164.1. In front of Athletico-PR, the value was R$ 239.00.

Compared to 2017, the number of free tickets was similar, but Flamengo managed to sell more tickets. The average ticket price was higher than the game against Cruzeiro: R$ 140.00. It must be remembered that that was not the decisive game that actually took place at Mineirão. But Flamengo has increased gains with the fan partner since then, in exchange for discounts in the current final.

It should be noted that, as in 2017, there were problems of confusion around the Maracanã on this Wednesday, even with the security structure in place. There were attempts to break in and police used pepper spray to disperse fans, causing a riot and a rush in the public. The gas spread and reached the interior of the stadium. But there was no invasion.

In conclusion, although Maracanã remains expensive, it is a much more profitable stadium when it is managed by the home club, in the case of Flamengo, as it would be with Fluminense. You need to make adjustments to your security management.

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