Grey’s Anatomy season 19 is struggling to avoid past mistakes

The 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy introduced five new characters as part of a class of new surgery interns who, while seeming to herald a new beginning for the series, take audiences back to relive nostalgic moments from the first season.

The difference is that now, both the hospital and the series are ‘starting over’, making the necessary changes to avoid mistakes made with previous and unsuccessful classes.

But what was the mistake?

What happens is that the first group of surgery interns, formed by Meredith, Cristina, George, Izzie and Karev, was completely irreplaceable for the public and always had interesting stories to tell.

After them, the new groups of inmates that emerged in the series failed to captivate audiences as they always competed for screen time with older characters who were more familiar.

So viewers didn’t have as much incentive to care about them, and few managed to truly stand out, as was the case with Lexi Grey.

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Cast
Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 Cast

What changes now?

Season 19’s new inmate group is the fourth to be introduced since the original season one group, and it looks to be the most promising of them all since.

Therefore, it is believed that this new group can, in fact, restore the glory days of the series.

Using the slogan ‘Begin Again’ to highlight the return to the old formula and taking advantage of Ellen Pompeo will have a much smaller role this season as Meredith, the new characters will have more room to shine as they tell their stories.

Thus, season 19 could not only return the series to its most successful period, but also show that it can survive without Meredith, should they wish to continue even after Ellen Pompeo’s definitive departure.

It is worth remembering that what are called the glory days of Grey’s Anatomy it’s its first five seasons, in which the original cast – and fans’ most beloved – remained intact, and the hospital drama was at the forefront as the main draw for viewers.

As the originals left the series or settled into their assistant roles, the hospital hierarchy and escalation began to fade.

New Grey's Anatomy cast alongside veteran James Pickens Jr.

Thus, with the space for the professional growth of the main characters getting smaller, the series lost the balance between medical and personal drama, which is what is being rescued in the current season, since the audience will be able to see and cheer for the growth of the new ones. internal.

Grey’s Anatomy is available on Star+.

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