In addition to Bruna Marquezine, meet other Brazilian actors who became FAMOUS in Hollywood

In the last few weeks we had the news that two Brazilian actresses, already well known on the national scene because of the soap operas, will also have the opportunity to shine in big blockbusters from Hollywood. the first was Maria Fernanda Candidoone of our most beautiful and talented artists, who has been compared to the muse Sophia Loren and had acted in the French film ‘The betrayer‘ (2019). This time she arrives in the most famous and beloved magical universe in the world with the still unpublished ‘Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets‘. The news that had a lot of repercussion and even yielded an exclusive poster with Fernanda Cândido.

The other Brazilian star that should soon shine in American cinemas is Bruna Marquezinewho has been duly confirmed as the co-star of the new DC movie, ‘Blue Beetle‘, which must come out through the HBO Max. Marquezine revealed that she had already auditioned to play Supergirl in the movie ‘The Flash‘, and which even ranked second among dozens of competitors. The actress who is very famous on social networks, having one of the Instagram accounts with the largest number of followers, released a very emotional video about it, which we have already talked about here on the site.

In addition to them, the Brazilian Marco Pigossi (‘Invisible City’) has joined the cast of the spin-off series of ‘the boys‘.

Check out more details about Bruna Marquezine’s reaction when she learned that she was cast in ‘Besouro Azul’.

Thinking about all this, we decided to remember here some Brazilian actors who left our homeland and shone in series and films around the world, especially within the Hollywood scenario. We made a list citing these artists who are still very dear and praised, some even barely got to act in Brazilian productions, going straight to the American market. Others did punctual, but very striking, work. In case we forgot someone, put it there in the comments who deserved to list the list.

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10 – Your George

Seu Jorge exploded to the world when he was one of the main names in the young Brazilian classic ‘God’s city‘, and soon after that, he started his successful singing career, which ended up standing out in front of his work as an actor. Still, Seu Jorge continued making films and series, when he was called by the filmmaker Wes Anderson to participate in your beautiful feature ‘Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’. From there to here it hasn’t stopped more, doing until the recent ‘Pele: The Birth of a Legend‘, American production.

09 – Camilla Belle

Daughter of a famous Brazilian stylist, Cristina Routh, Camilla Belle it was even born in the USA, but was quickly eradicated in Brazil. The actress has participated in several American productions, among them are ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park‘, ‘The Price of Silence‘, ‘heroes‘ and ‘Roots in Surfing‘.

08 – Lino Facioli

Lino Facioli became known for his participation in the hit HBO series, ‘game of Thrones‘, although it had already starred in the national ‘The Boy in the Mirror‘. The actor who was born in Ribeirão Preto has also participated in some gringo films such as ‘The Worst Job in the World‘ and the show ‘The Armstrong & Miller Show‘. He is currently part of the cast of the excellent English series on Netflix, ‘sex education‘.

07 – Sonia Braga

the veteran actress Sonia Braga was one of the first Brazilian actresses to make films in Hollywood, in addition to participating in highly successful series such as ‘sex and city‘, ‘Law and order‘, ‘CSI: Miami‘ and ‘Luke Cage‘. By the way, Sônia has already been nominated for important awards in the audiovisual industry, such as the Emmy Awards and the Golden Globe.

06 – Henry Zaga

Henry Zaga was born in Brasilia, but has lived in several places, until he decided to move to Los Angeles with the aim of investing in his career in cinema. Among thousands of actors who dream of it, Zaga managed to penetrate the desired barrier of the American industry and has already participated in series such as ‘Teen Wolf‘, ‘13 Reasons Why‘ and movies like ‘The New Mutants‘.

05 – Jordana Brewster

Yes, the actress was born in Panama, but let’s give a discount, because in addition to Jordana Brewster being the daughter of the Brazilian supermodel Mary John Brewster, is eradicated here in the country and speaks our language fluently. In fact, the actress lived for a few years here in Brazil and became well known for her role as Mia Toretto in the cineseries ‘Fast and furious‘ and remake ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning‘, but also participated in the TV series ‘Deadly machine‘, ‘Chuck‘ and ‘Dallas‘.

04 – Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin moved with his parents to the United States when he was 7 years old. In her youth, little by little, she established herself as an interesting actress and already has in her curriculum several roles in American cinema and television, such as ‘firefly‘, ‘serenety‘, ‘homeland‘, ‘gotham‘ and his greatest success ‘Deadpool‘.

03 – Rodrigo Santoro

Rodrigo Santoro already has a fully consolidated career within the North American industry, both on TV – with ‘lost‘ and ‘Westworld‘ – as in the cinema – with ‘300 – Rise of the Empire‘ and ‘double blow‘. The actor kind of became an example as a successful case in Hollywood, failing to make films in the national market, for a period, until he returned in 2021 with the great production of Netflix, ‘7 prisoners‘.

02 – Wagner Moura

The actor and now also director Wagner Moura already had an extremely respected career in Brazil when he decided to seek the international market and participate in films like ‘Elysium‘, in Neill Blomkamp (‘District 9‘). After that, Wagner made a few more respected national films until he debuted in petard ‘narcos‘, where the explosive figure of Pablo Escobar lived, being nominated for several awards and gaining recognition around the world. He also made the feature film ‘sergio‘.

01 – Alice Braga

if Sonia Braga was one of the precursors in this migration from Brazil to the US film scene, her niece Alice Braga took it to another level. Like this Your GeorgeAlice also started in ‘God’s city‘, but he has big films like ‘I’m the Legend‘, ‘predators‘, himself ‘Elysium‘ and the recent sensational feature from James GunnSuicide squad‘. That’s why she is in our first place, as the most long-winded actress who has worked in American productions.

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