Learn how to hide WhatsApp online

Anyone who is more discreet about using the messenger knows very well how interesting it would be not to always appear online, right?

Although it is not the most used messenger in other countries, it is practically impossible find Brazilians who don’t use WhatsApp. In addition to facilitating contacts personal and professionalthe application is a hand on the wheel due to its extra featureslike sharing the location — but sometimes it makes you want to hide the status of onlineIs not it?

Regardless of the reason, many people have felt this need to use the messenger without all your contacts being able to see the status of “online”.

Fortunately, the app is thinking of ways to help users more discreet and since August it is releasing this specific function for Android and iOS users.

Is hiding online now possible?

First of all, your version of WhatsApp must be up to date. So, go to your smartphone’s app store, type WhatsApp on search field and see if the result will show the option “Open” or “Update” — in this second case, click update before following the instructions.

After updating the app, follow the step by step and see if the function is already available to you:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to us three dotswhich are in the upper corner of the app;
  • Choice “Settings”;
  • Go in “Privacy”;
  • Tap on the “Last seen and online“;
  • Now, choose who can see your “last seen”;
  • Then, under “Who can see when I’m online”, choose your contacts as well.

If the option “Who can see when I’m online” is not available even after you have updated the program it indicates that the feature does not work for your smartphone still. Wait a few days and try again.

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