Lula’s ally, Fernández guaranteed barbecue, but consumption in Argentina is the lowest in 100 years – News

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, was elected in 2019 and used, in his campaign, the speech that he would lower the price of beef so that the local population could have more barbecues, as former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has promised. Silva (PT) if he wins this year’s elections. However, with Fernández in power, Argentina reached the lowest beef consumption in 100 years.

In June, a report by the Bolsa de Comércio de Rosario (BCR) showed that, in 2021, the average consumption of beef was 47.8 kilograms per inhabitant per year. According to the document, the only time Argentina reached a lower rate was in 1920, when national consumption plummeted to 46.9 kilos per inhabitant per year.


One of the advertisements by Fernández and his deputy, Cristina Kirchner, in 2019 showed a man in front of a deactivated grill full of rubble. In the advertising piece, an announcer begins to extol the past and say that, before, Argentines could have barbecues and laugh with friends.

“We have thousands of problems every day. But, well, the weekend would come and someone would say: ‘Hey, is there a barbecue?’. The truth is, we start to lose these things, and I’m not talking about food. Having a barbecue was something more, it was inviting your friends, having a little laugh. What do we work for anyway? The good thing is that, in a short time, all this will improve”, read the text read.

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However, beef in Argentina became more expensive once Fernández became president. According to the Argentine Beef Promotion Institute, the rib, for example, which was 290.47 pesos in December 2019, rose to 1,113.06 pesos last month (up 283%). The same happened with the rump, which went from 352.13 pesos to 1,275.81 pesos (adjustment of 262%).

Since the beginning of this year’s election campaign, Lula has stated that he will reduce the price of meat in the country if he is elected. According to him, “the people have to go back to eating a barbecue, eating a picanha and having a beer”.

“The people who are watching your show often go to the butcher shop and buy a steak thinking it’s a steak, and it’s not. what the people want. The people like good things. That part with the little fat passed in the flour, drinking cold beer, that’s all the people want,” Lula said in an interview with an open television channel before the first round.

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