Neto and Souza detonate Luciano’s stance: ‘Masked as hell’

During today’s ‘Donos da Bola’ program (21), Neto and Souza criticized Luciano’s stance in São Paulo’s 3-1 victory over Coritiba last night.

The commentator and former Tricolor player praised the athletes for the match, including the striker, but he thought the attitude he had when he took a yellow card at the end of the game was wrong.

“Luciano played well, but he’s still stressed, complaining a lot. A striker like him has to be calmer and he can’t take so many cards”, he said.

On the other hand, Neto detonated the number 11 of São Paulo and recalled the time he was not put to play.

“Masked as hell, a bad leg. He thinks he’s more important than São Paulo. He says the wrong things at the wrong times and doesn’t have enough humility. We said several times, when he was the team’s top scorer, that we didn’t understand his reason not play. Now it’s explained, Rogério understands that he’s not an important guy for the group. That’s the point”, he declared.

Luciano scored one of the goals of the tricolor victory – reaching 50 with the club’s shirt -, but got his third yellow card, due to a complaint, and is out of the next confrontation of the Brasileirão.

In addition, the presenter criticized that São Paulo reached the end of the season fighting only for the G8 of the Brazilian Championship.

“It’s very little for São Paulo to think only about the G8, in pre-Libertadores. For a club the size of São Paulo, it’s impressive”, he concluded.

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