No agreement, new Enel fee to providers should triple internet price in Ceará, says association

With no agreement with the sector, Enel raised the charge for the use of poles by internet companies. With this, the Ceará Providers Union (uniproce) estimates that the average price of the service of small companies, which serve around 70% of the local market, will skyrocket from R$ 70 to BRL 240.

Providers have until the 30th of November to accept the distributor’s increase proposals. Therefore, the forecast transfer for the final consumer is already in December of this year.

In addition to the increase for customers, the entity projects the closing of small businesses and the extinction of 100,000 jobs in Ceará.

Enel, however, claims that the proposed percentage has already been reduced (read note below). According to the association, small providers provide internet for 5.6 million of people in Ceará.

The new tariff collection for the installation of equipment on poles has been discussed since February this year. After meetings over the last few months, there was no agreement between Enel and the representatives of the sector. In all, there are 1,293 establishments.

Understand the charge

Currently, the fee paid by providers to the distributor is BRL 12 per each post. According to the president of Uniproce, Davi Leite, Enel wants to increase it to R$ 36 or to a gradual percentage that can correspond to up to four times the current value, depending on the number of equipment installed.

“There were several meetings, but we didn’t reach a consensus. The problem persisted and the values ​​were very high, which would impact our consumers. emphasized, contextualizing with the economic crisis.

Despite the attempts, he said, Enel decided to impose the charge, this Wednesday (19), with a deadline for choosing one of the two tariff modalities until November 30.

The Legal Director of Uniproce, Ana Aguiar, informed that the entities will appeal in court, in addition to triggering the Consumer Protection and Defense Program (Procon) and the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).

O Northeast Diary requested more details of the investigation of the case from the aforementioned bodies and awaits a response.

The lawyer assesses that, if Enel maintains the collection, “it will be responsible for a setback in connectivity, unemployment and stoppage of services in schools, penitentiaries and other fundamental” that use the internet of small providers through bids, in the interior of Ceará .

Read Enel’s note:

“Enel Distribuição Ceará informs that, since the beginning of the year, it has been in dialogue with Associations and representatives of Internet and Telecommunications Providers to deal with the use of telecommunications equipment on the company’s poles. effect for the providers in relation to the values ​​foreseen in the signed contracts.Negotiations within the working group did not prosper and Enel maintains its last proposal for the providers that are interested, with a reduction of up to 80% of what was foreseen in the contract.

The company clarifies that it is not making any undue charge or new fee. The charge for installing cables and equipment is already defined in the Infrastructure Sharing contracts previously signed by the telecommunications companies of Ceará with the distributor and is under the terms of Joint Resolution Aneel/Anatel nº 4/2014 and also Normative Resolution 797/2017 .”

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