NUBANK’s New Plan Surprising Customers; check out the news!

Currently, Nubank is one of the most used banking institutions by different users. That is, millions of Brazilians use the services offered by fintech, which constantly aims to improve its functions to please its customers. The bank has the option of an account in the credit and debit function, where it is possible to carry out different financial transactions.

It is precisely with the customers’ wishes in mind that Nubank is developing a new possibility in its application. The novelty of the time is focused on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, which is making such a success around the world. In this way, Nubank is adapting its functions to our tool, capable of further improving the use of its easiness programs.

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Nubank’s relationship with cryptocurrencies

First of all, it is worth understanding how fintech is related to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, as well as how the financial trend works. Well, first of all, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, protected by several layers of encryption, which aim to ensure the safety of consumers.

In this way, these coins tend to have a somewhat high value, when considering other currencies in the world, such as the real. Therefore, many Brazilians are choosing to invest in this crypto market. It is precisely because of this that Nubank created a specific area for this type of function.

This is Nubank Cripto, which aims to offer its customers the opportunity to buy and sell the most famous cryptos in the world, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). In addition, it is possible to make the partial purchase of coins, with values ​​from R$1. In addition, when the user makes a sale, the money automatically drops into their bank account.

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new from the bank

In advance, Nubank is investing a new possibility that promises to improve and strengthen the relationship of users with cryptocurrencies. This is a new loyalty program, called Nucoin token. The focus is on further improving the possibility of buying and selling cryptocurrencies within the app, providing a better experience.

It is worth mentioning, therefore, that fintech is still studying the possibility. In other words, it is still necessary to make some adaptations and improvements, to make it available to the bank’s users. However, the estimate is that the novelty will be available at the beginning of the year 2023. This is because several users have already shown such interest, even before the launch.

In this way, it is worth mentioning that the crypto market has grown assiduously in the country and in the world. Therefore, Nubank is not the only bank that is investing in this type of novelty. That is, Banco Original recently launched a similar modality, a new utility token. However, the guideline for Brazilians who wish to start investing in this market is to seek more specific information and tips in relation to currencies, as values ​​​​suffer constant fluctuations.

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