Nubank’s tip program promises exclusive rewards

Check out Nubank’s new NuBolão tool, which will give exclusive rewards to customers for guessing at World Cup games.

Nubank customers can now create pool groups for the FIFA World Cup with family and friends within the Nu app. In addition, it is possible to compete for several prizes that total more than R$ 300 thousand, in addition to McDonald’s vouchers.

The novelty was called NuBolão and is within the Nubank application itself and is free.

What is NuBolão?

First, NuBolão is a tool that is inside the Nubank application and was designed so that digital bank customers could create groups and make guesses about games in a simple, fun and free way.

Thus, the main idea of ​​the tool is to enjoy and make the most of the World Cup. That way, with NuBolão, everything is done in the app and there is no reason to worry about scoring or creating rankings because Nubank already does this for customers.

How it works?

In NuBolão, all you have to do is place your guess on the score of each game and, by doing so, the regulation will be generated and there are two ways to participate:

NuBolão General Ranking

In this option, all participating customers entered this ranking. Thus, the person goes up or down in the general ranking according to the number of points scored in each game. In this way, in this ranking it is possible to access the current placement and score, in relation to all other participants.

group pool

In this option, the customer can create groups and invite family and friends who are also Nu customers to participate. Thus, each group will have its own ranking, which will only be valid within that group.


Prizes will be distributed in two ways: by luck or based on the performance of each one. So, check them out:

Prize draw

Each week, Nubank will draw 400 prizes of R$400, that is, R$300 in cash that will be deposited in Nubank’s Caixas and R$100 in vouchers to be used at McDonald’s. That way, there will be 100 prizes every week.

To participate in the sweepstakes, just make a guess, right or wrong. Each guess generates a lucky number, that is, it is possible to increase the chances by entering a closed group of the pool.

performance awards

The other possibility of winning the prizes is through performance. In this case, there are two ways to win, they are:

  • With the General Ranking at the end of the Group Stage;
  • With the General Ranking at the end of the tournament.

Thus, it is worth noting that the winners will only be announced at the end of the Cup, that is, in December.

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