Rooster: Justice asks for a block of R$13 million, but only finds R$10,000 in accounts

The São Paulo Court of Justice (TJSP) determined the blocking of R$13,573,658.04 from the Athletic this week, but found only R$10,759.52 in the club’s accounts. The block was determined in the process between Galo and businessman André Cury, due to the debt of more than R$60 million that the club has with the agent.

The information was anticipated by the Goal website and confirmed by the report of The Sports Time, who had access to the decision documents, signed by Judge Camila Rodrigues Borges de Azevedo. In the scan carried out in 22 different bank accounts, just over R$10,000 was found, adding up the money that was divided into three club accounts.

According to the decision, BRL 8,856.15 were found in the club’s bank account at Itaú, BRL 1,114.76 at Mercantil and BRL 788.61 at ABC do Brasil. In this way, Atlético had the blockade of R$ 10,759,523, with the order being only partially fulfilled, since the balance was not enough.

Origin of debt

The legal battle between Atlético and André Cury has been dragging on for a while and seems to be far from resolved. The player agent charges around R$64 million from the club, for transaction commissions, which have not yet been received. The agent files 28 lawsuits against Atlético.

It is not the first time that justice has determined an action regarding the club’s money. Cury charges Galo commissions for the transfer of 18 players and a coach. Of these, only two remain in the club: Guilherme Arana and Eduardo Vargas. Atlético, however, believes that the amounts charged do not match reality.

Value of the action for each athlete managed by André Cury:

  • Rafael Dudamel – BRL 1.113 million
  • Guilherme Arana – BRL 2.838 million
  • Dylan Borrero – BRL 2,450 million
  • Leadrinho* – BRL 948 thousand
  • Léo Sena* – BRL 1.564 million
  • Luan* – BRL 1.960 million
  • Zé Welison* – BRL 4.764 million
  • Maicosuel* – BRL 3.075 million
  • Erazo* – BRL 11.660 million
  • Terans* – BRL 3.827 million
  • Rómulo Otero** – BRL 4.755 million
  • Eduardo Vargas – BRL 5.653 million
  • Denilson – BRL 2.972 million
  • Vina – BRL 1.377 million
  • Mansur – BRL 5.752 million
  • Franco Di Santo – BRL 1.728 million
  • Lucas Pratto – BRL 6.708 million
  • Rosinei – BRL 322 thousand
  • Marcos Rocha – BRL 1.260 million

TOTAL: BRL 64.287 million

*Two shares **Three shares

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