Series is breath amid the new vampire fever

One of the most popular horror sub-genres in pop culture, vampire stories have always been on the rise. From the Twilight saga to series like True Blood (2008-2014) and the universe of The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017), these works cause real fever among fans. Let Her In, Paramount+’s new bet to explore this niche, can be considered an encouragement.

In 2022, stories about vampires are once again at the top of the ratings contest. In times of almost absolute dominance of Marvel and Game of Thrones (2011-2019), fans of supernatural plots received the successful What We Do in the Shadows, which has already collected two Emmy nominations, and Interview with the Vampire – this no date yet to premiere in Brazil, but which has already started a new “shared universe” in the United States.

Unlike its rivals, Let Her Enter opts for another path. If What We Do in the Shadows explores humor and Interview with the Vampire invests in its gothic-sexual side, Paramount+’s bet has family drama as its greatest asset. The story of a father who faces – literally – everything to find a cure for his daughter’s “virus” moves beyond the already familiar story of good versus evil.

Conceived by Andrew Hinderaker, Let Her In is the latest adaptation of the Swedish novel of the same name written by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Previously, the work inspired two feature films: a Swedish one, from 2008, and an American one, from 2010, starring Chloë Grace Moretz (Peripherals) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Attack of the Dogs).

Ian Foreman and Madison Taylor Baez

Isaiah (Ian Foreman) and Eleanor (Madison Taylor Baez)


To distance itself from the other adaptations, Hinderaker expanded the base plot of the source material. At the center of the story are Mark (Oscar nominee Demián Bichir) and Eleanor Kane (Madison Taylor Baez), a father and daughter who move to New York with the intention of staying forever after years of living as nomads across the country.

Behind the traditional father-daughter image, the two have a secret: Eleanor is a vampire. Bitten 10 years ago in a mysterious way, she kept the appearance of a pre-teen and is forced to live hidden in her apartment. To avoid being destroyed by sunlight, the young woman only goes out at night, while Mark has the responsibility of finding the blood for his meals.

Even with so many difficulties, he remains hopeful that he will find a cure to end his daughter’s “vampiric” virus. The relationship they share that makes them eternally linked by tragedy is the beating – and bloody – heart of the new series.

Right next to the newcomers to the city lives the other half of the main nucleus of Deixa Ela Entrada. Eleanor is next door to Isaiah (Ian Foreman), a 10-year-old black boy with a passion for magic who lives with his mother, police officer Naomi (Anika Noni Rose). The target of bullying and teasing at school, he finds his first true friendship in the girl, and the two form a delightful bond to follow.

Madison Taylor Baez, Ian Foreman and Anika Noni Rose

Madison Taylor Baez, Ian Foreman and Anika Noni Rose

Disconnected from these subplots is Claire (Grace Gummer), who has discovered that the brother she thought was dead for years is actually also a vampire and was kept alive by her father, Arthur (Zeljko Ivanek), whom she estranged after. numerous fights. With the dying patriarch facing terminal cancer, she is chosen to inherit the millionaire inheritance and find a way to also find a cure to save her brother.

While the series is adept at creating expectations in the viewer to discover the origin of what is causing people to become vampires, this puzzle is less interesting than seeing the impact of the characters’ transformation on a deeper level. What made the original film and the remake so distinct was the blending of the supernatural and the existential. By investing in this side, Let Her In makes the drama between Mark and Eleanor the main strength of its first season.

With ten episodes confirmed, Let Her In has many questions that need to be answered about its universe. However, even without the millenary clash of good guys versus creatures of the night, the series shows to have the breath to compete with other rivals of the genre without appealing to (more) blood and choreographed fights.

Ian Foreman and Madison Taylor Baez

let her in

dubbed trailer

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