Team Group launches T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 memories with incredible 7600MHz

Memories are specially geared to meet the 13th generation Intel Core

TeamGroup announced its new memory model DDR5 T-Force DELTA RGB 7600MHz with a special focus on its disclosure for compatibility with 13th generation Intel Core Raptor Lake processors that hit the market today. This frequency in DDR5 memories breaks the current world record and is aimed at users who seek maximum performance in their machines.

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T-Force DELTA RGB 7600 memories are being launched with a focus on the new generation of Intel processors and their compatible motherboards. TeamGroup highlights that its memories were tested with the new 13th generation on Z790 chipset systems from multiple partner mainboard manufacturers to ensure hardware compatibility.

“TeamGroup’s T-FORCE brand will continue to meet gamers’ demands for high-frequency overclocks. By developing the new DDR5 platform, T-FORCE will also continue to pave the way for the industry to deliver cutting-edge DDR5 OC memory to gamers, pushing them over the edge.”

– TeamGroup

Memory operating frequencies from 4800 MHz to 7200 MHz have already been certified by the Intel XMP 3.0, feature that must be enabled from the BIOS of motherboards with Intel chipsets. We can see in screenshots of the tests performed that the memory can operate at 7600MHz in systems based on Z790 and an Intel Core i9-13900K.

Images: TeamGroup/Reproduction

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TeamGroup through its T-FORCE LAB makes efforts to continue improving its technology through research and development to break records of DDR5 memories and deliver products that meet the demand for the best performance in the market.

Image: TeamGroup/Reproduction

If you want to see in action how the new generation Intel Core processors are performing, you can check out our video review posted on Youtube and available below:


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