The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

In the final words of Gandalf the White, “The time has come.” Marching to Amazon Prime Video globally on September 2, 2022, the power rings marks the long-awaited return to Middle-earth millennia before the formation of the Brotherhood. Utilizing a production budget set to eclipse both trilogies combined, the Second Age world-building saga follows elves, dwarves, foot-toes, and men as they face the end of peace and the rise of Sauron.

With familiar characters from the films appearing as younger incarnations, others emerging from print for the first time, and some new to the canon, Amazon’s high-stakes epic is set to be a game-changer for actors imbuing new JRR Tolkien characters with life. . While some are more private, the more social cast members’ Instagram/Twitter accounts offer an enlightening look at careers on the brink of explosion.

12 Morfydd Clark (@morfydd_clark)

Taking the reins of the inimitable Cate Blanchette, Morfydd Clark’s much younger Galadriel is a far cry from the ethereal Lady of Lothlorien popularized in The Fellowship of the Ring. Trading her airy gown and silver crown for an elven sword and armor, Galadriel Clark embodies an unshakable warrior and Commander of the Armies of the North.

Dating back to 2016, Clark’s Instagram account serves as a cipher for a wide range of social issues, while also highlighting her acting work and the white poodle/bichon mix she calls her son. Currently with 27,000 followers, Clark’s considerable following is destined for a huge boost with the show’s imminent launch.

11 Nazanin Boniadi (@nazaninboniadi)

A familiar face in the episodic TV world, Bronwyn de Boniadi offers a fantastic change from the British-Iranian actress’s usual character work. A human healer and single mother living in the village of Tirharad, Bronwyn falls into a forbidden elf/human relationship with Arondir, creating a grounded love story amidst the looming chaos.

Boniadi is active on Instagram and twitter, firing 10,500 tweets to 86,900 followers and sending 826 posts to 260,000 Instagram followers. Posting everything from photo shoots and premieres to requests for help on a variety of issues, the human rights activist offers a look at the spotlight and things much bigger than entertainment.

10 Ismael Cruz Cordoba

Most recently seen in the undoCórdoba is a pioneer in the world of Lord of the Rings. The first black person on screen to play an elf in Tolkien’s mythology, Córdova plays Arondir, the elf who falls in love with the human healer Bronwyn. A new character created for the power ringsArondir and Bronwyn follow in the footsteps of Aragorn and Arwen’s relationship before/after them.

Operating Instagram and twitter accounts, Cordoba’s Twitter dates back to 2009 with 10.9k followers, while her most recent Instagram account (2016) has a much more robust 180k followers. Already retweeting fan art on his Twitter account, Córdova is approachable and grateful for the support he received before even a second of airtime.

9 Benjamin Walker (@findthewalker)

Recognizable to Marvel fans for his work as Erik Gelden in Jessica Jones, there’s little doubt that Walker’s turn as Elven High King Gil-galad will redefine his career. Known for his dominance in battle and splendor as the last High King of the Ñoldor, Gil-galad is linked to the creation of the Rings of Power, with his role (and offspring) certainly in the series.

Active on Instagram since 2014, Walker’s account (78.8k followers) offers an honest look at not only his life, but also his wife/colleague actor Kaya Scodelario. also in twitter (13.3k followers), Walker actively retweets Rings of Powerrelated press, one of them being his exclusive interview with .

8 Cynthia Addai-Robinson

From Spartacus for Arrow, Cynthia Addai-Robinson is no stranger to the world of the television franchise. Assuming the role of royalty, Addai-Robinson plays Queen Regent Míriel, the overseer of the revered (and ill-fated) island of Númenor. Viewers will watch Míriel fight for stability and peace as she struggles with conflicting opinions about lore and her not-quite-queen status.

While Addai-Robinson shares an open and inviting view of her life with her 78,300 Instagram followers, her twitter account (29,800 followers) is a little more advanced. Echoing Benjamin Walker’s penchant for retweets, the English actress also gave her interview with a second home on her Twitter page.

7 Ema Horvath (@mhlnhrvth)

Relatively unknown outside The Law of Force II enthusiasts, the power rings offers a career opportunity for Ema Horvath. Taking on a character created for the series, Horvath plays Eärien, the younger sister of Isildur, who plays a prominent role in creating the Third Age stage.

While Eärien’s trajectory in the series remains unknown, Horvath describes her as “an ambitious dreamer on the brink of femininity” and a “motherly presence for her troubled brother”. With just 13 posts and a modest 6,452 followers, Horvath’s Instagram account is entirely dedicated to her life, as determined by the power rings.

6 Maxim Baldry (@maximbaldry)

Taking on the aforementioned role of Isildur is Maxim Baldry. Long before his days as King of Gondor, Isildur’s place in Rings of Power is that a young sailor following in his father Elendil’s nautical footsteps. Well established to a tragic end in LotR canon, the power rings is set to flesh out the emotional journey Isildur experienced during the last days of Númenor.

little active in twitter (12.4k followers), Baldry is yet another Instagrammer, sharing photos from his personal life to his 59.6k followers.

5 Owain Arthur (@owain_arther)

As Gimli and Thorin Oakenshield did in their respective trilogies, Prince Durin IV is set to be the main dwarven protagonist in the power rings. With Durin’s previous descendant, King Durin III, also a part of the series, Prince Durin IV’s path will likely feature a prominent transition in Khazad-dum, as he inevitably bands together to fight Sauron.

An established stage actor and BBC mainstay, Arthur isn’t all that common outside the UK. Active on Instagram (5,800 followers) and twitter (5,808 followers), Arthur’s nearly identical fan base on both social networks is sure to skyrocket when the world feels the thunder reverberating from his axe.

4 Sophia Nomvete (@sophianomvete_official)

Playing Princess Disa, Nomvete is honored to be the first black woman to play a dwarf in any Tolkien adaptation. Princess Disa not only holds pre-eminence over the bustling dwarf kingdom of Khazad-dum, but also her husband Prince Durin IV.

Although Nomvete doesn’t have a handy Twitter account, she does have an Instagram account with 4,894 followers while only following an ominous 666 back.

3 Joseph Mawle (@realjosephmawle)

Famously known for his portrayal of Benjen Stark, Joseph Mawle’s modest Instagram followers (1,604 followers) and twitter (6,741 followers) don’t necessarily scream War of Thrones fan club. Taking on the role of Adar, Mawle plays a new original character from the series, and who SDA fans have theories about.

With the final trailer appearing to show a camouflaged Mawle leading a group of orcs, knowledge-breaking twist seems more likely than not. While Mawle isn’t the most fervent poster, accounts of him have seen an increase closer to release.

2 Markella Kavenagh (@markella.kavenagh) and Megan Richards (@meganrichardsofficial)

positioned as the power rings Mary and Pippin, Markella Kavenagh and Megan Richards (who can also be followed on Instagram) play Elanor “Nori” Brandyfoot and Poppy Proudfellow. Both feet-to-toe, the ancestors of hobbits, Nori is described as an empathetic and playful risk-taker, while Poppy is the more cautious half of the barefoot duo.

When the best friends come across a stranger fallen from the sky, their journey begins which is sure to increase their respective 14,600 and 1,030 Instagram followers.

1 Trystan Gravelle (@trystangravelleofficial)

The last King of Númenor, Pharazôn is the council of Queen Regent Míriel and head of the guilds. Having the ear of the queen regent, as well as favor in the Númenórean streets, Pharazôn’s likely dubious role is destined for villainy.

Currently entertaining just 2,236 Instagram followers, the man with the most dangerous eyebrows from Middle-earth prominence is set to change soon.

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