UK CMA Calls for Players to Opinion on Microsoft Acquisition of Activision

Public opinion will be analyzed by the regulatory body to help in the decision on the merger between the companies

The UK Competitions and Market (CMA) body started this Thursday (20) the gathering of players’ opinions on Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. He wants to know what the public thinks about the effects this will have on the gaming market.

This could be a way for gamers to be part of the acceptance process and completion of the merger between the two gaming industry giants. This public action corresponds to another stage of the Phase 2 investigation carried out by the CMA.

“In Phase 2, we built on our work in Phase 1 and collected more evidence from the merging businesses and others to investigate potential competition issues that may arise as a result of the merger,” the agency said in explaining what the merger is all about. analysis.

This leads one to believe that the UK body does not want to make the decision alone, asking for help from those who really know if this will be a positive or negative: the players. However, it is not known how much public opinion will weigh when the CMA issues a response on what it defined the merger.

To bring players fully into the picture, the regulatory body has made available all documents related to the investigation into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. In addition, he reiterated what are the main concerns in this regard.

First, they highlighted that the merger between the two companies gives Microsoft the potential to limit the availability of Activision content on other consoles. In addition, it points out that, if it does not limit availability, it may delay the delivery of products on competing consoles.

Contact can be made by email

Consumers who feel free to express an opinion in favor or against the merger between the companies can contact the CMA via email. [email protected]in addition to entering through this link to have access to all the information.

Through this email address, players will be able to give their opinion during the two stages of phase 2. In this way, it will be possible to send opinions on the “provisional results” that will be shared by the CMA.

“It will help the team if you can indicate any confidential material (including whether you wish to be anonymous) and provide a non-confidential (redacted) version of your submission, justifying your confidentiality requests as we may publish some or all of your submissions.”

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Microsoft plans online mobile game store to compete with Apple and Google
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