Vini Jr takes ‘pen’ in Real training and is made fun of by the team; Look

Current Spanish and Champions League champions, Real Madrid are off to a good start to the season. With the team in a positive phase, the atmosphere in training is relaxed and has recently gained a new ‘zoeira’. That’s because defender Rüdiger, hired in the last window, applied a ‘pen’ to Vinícius Júnior.

In one of the ‘fool circles’, the German received pressure from the forward and, at first, sent the ball between his partner’s legs. All the players who participated in the warm-up took the opportunity to ‘take a wave’ with Vini and hug Rüdiger.

This is not the first chapter of the ‘rivalry’ between the two at Real Madrid. Since joining the Spanish team, Rüdiger has developed a close friendship with the Brazilian. The duo exchange jokes on social media and are constantly seen facing each other in training.

In a recent bobinho circle, it was Vinícius who made fun of his partner. At the time, the German tried to cut off the teammates’ touches, but found it difficult, which led the Brazilian to even imitate the way his teammate ran.

However, the relationship between the two was not always one of friendship. In an interview, Rüdiger revealed that, while still playing for Chelsea, he once tried to hurt Vini Jr. The statement was made by the player when he was asked why the Brazilian is being ‘persecuted’ in Spain for his dribbler style of play.

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