Vitão’s predictions for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão

Predictions of the 33rd round of the endless Brazilian Championship of pontozzz corridozzz

Red Bull Bragantino 1 x 1 Athletico-PR
In the final of the Sudamericana-2021, it was Hurricane. Since then, Athletico-PR became a finalist in this edition of Libertadores; and Braga, from the long-lived Barbieri, has a season beyond disappointing.

América-MG 1 x 0 Flamengo
If the Brasileirão was already treated as a third priority by Flamengo, after the Copa do Brasil title and a week before the Libertadores final, no one will play at Horto. If he could, Fla would give WO. Even so, Coelho, who plays for a place in the pre-Libertadores-2023, is favorite.

Santos 1 x 1 Corinthians
As he lost the Copa do Brasil, the Brasileiro (the direct place in the Libertadores group stage) is again of interest to Timão: the question is how the VP’s men will react less than 72 hours after the painful defeat in the penalty shootout. Free from any threat of beating, Santos returned to dream of G8. It is worth mentioning and reiterating that it will be the first time that Corinthians de Cássio will return to the village after the musketeer captain was attacked on the pitch by a Santos fan. And, from the series “Viva a Memória”, the circus court decided to punish Santos with loss of command only in the next Copa do Brasil. It’s Armageddon! As soon as the ball stops, we hope that without savagery in the stands and on the lawn, Ricardo Perrone and I arrive with the Corinthians Live on UOL Esporte.

Palmeiras 2 x 0 Avai
With three mandatory points, Palmeiras will get closer to the mathematical seal of achievement. And the disillusioned Avaí will be even closer to returning to Serie B.

Fluminense 1 x 1 Botafogo
The tricolor campaign is much better, but, as a visitor, Botafogo is only surpassed by Palmeiras. Balance.

Youth 0 x 2 Sao Paulo
At Morumbi, Tricolor achieved the feat of not beating the lantern. Now, in Caxias do Sul, with the rival already thinking about Series B, São Paulo can’t even think about drawing.

Atlético-GO 1 x 1 Ceará

An improbable victory for the visiting Vozão, removes the Ceará team from the fight against the neck and complicates the Dragon once and for all; however, a triumph from Goiás puts a damper on the fight against the fall.

Cuiabá 1 x 1 Goiás

Dourado plays for survival. Goiás, which will have visiting fans because that’s how football is done, without clowning to prevent the presence of the opposing fan, also needs to score.

Coritiba 1 x 1 Internacional

As they don’t do anything away from home (2 points out of 48 played), Coxa needs to win at home so they don’t return to Serie B. And Inter, who doesn’t fight or has never fought for the title, plays to score to stay with ease in the vice -leadership.

Fortaleza 2 x 1 Atletico MG

Of the teams fighting for the two spots in the pre-Libertadores, Leão do Pici, who made a great comeback, is the one who has the best moment. And the disappointing Rooster, who has a lot more team and cast, is absolutely erratic and unpredictable.

I’m Vitor Guedes and I have a name to uphold. And care, of course, comes from ZL! It’s us at UOL!


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