Young man leaves girlfriend after finding out she had 4 sex with his parents

A Canadian broke up with his girlfriend after discovering that, a year before their relationship began, his parents had had four-way sex with the young woman and a friend. The story came to light shortly after a dinner to introduce the woman to her in-laws.

The 19-year-old said he felt “nervous” in his girlfriend, but attributed the strange behavior to the tension of the first meeting with his parents. It was only after the couple returned to the dorm where he lived that the young woman had the courage to tell them that she had already had a relationship with her in-laws, after a “match” on a dating app.

The boy shared the report anonymously on Reddit, on the 9th, and said that the relationship was recent, with only a month, and that the discovery was made after an early Thanksgiving dinner between the two couples, when the girlfriend would meet her in-laws. In Canada, the date is celebrated on the second Monday of October.

“I introduced my girlfriend to my parents last weekend. We’ve only been officially together for a month, but things were going really well. I had already met her parents and she wanted to meet mine. I live in Canada. So Thanksgiving is this weekend. My girlfriend had plans and couldn’t make it, so we decided to set up a celebration a weekend earlier so they could get to know each other.”

“I thought everything went well, they seemed to get along well with her. (…) But after we got back to my apartment, we went to my room — which is the most private place in the house, as I I live with other people — because she said she had something she wanted to tell me, and it couldn’t wait. She just walked in and said that at the end of her senior year of school, she and a friend had sex with my parents,” the source said. Canadian.

The young woman, who was 18 at the time of the relationship, said that her friend found the boy’s mother on Tinder and expressed interest in the couple, however, she showed fear of going alone to the meeting and decided to invite her to go along. “Since she was single and thought it might be fun,” she decided to accept.

The boy’s mother confirmed the story told by the now ex-girlfriend. He also narrated that, despite having convinced himself that the episode occurred only once, it ended the relationship.

“The next morning I had convinced myself that my girlfriend was wrong and was actually in a relationship with another couple. So I called my mother to talk about it. But she ended up confirming the whole story for me and apologised,” he said.

The boy also highlighted that he already knew that his parents are fans of the “swing”, in which stable couples change sexual partners with consent or even in the company of their spouse, but he said he was shocked by the relationship of the two with people who are almost child’s age.

The post ended up on TikTok and divided opinions. In the comments, some profiles supported the Canadian moving away from his parents, saying that their behavior with the young women was “predatory”. Others defended the couple and the boy’s ex-girlfriend, arguing that the whole story happened months before his relationship with the girl and that he should ignore the past.

“Now, I’m completely disgusted and I don’t plan on visiting my parents this Thanksgiving. It’s not their fault, I know it’s not, but I can’t be around them right now. I know this story is going to sound completely insane, But I can’t talk to anyone in real life and I need to talk about it somewhere because I’m freaking out. I feel like I’m living in some kind of terrible simulation.”

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