Anatel will apply a fine for abusive calls; understand

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) is the first regulatory agency to be established in Brazil, in July 1997. Its creation, then, was part of the process of reformulating Brazilian telecommunications. Thus, today it regulates telephone communications in the country. In addition, many people use the agency to report cases of constant and inconvenient calls. Thus, in response to requests, Anatel took action regarding the case. Therefore, the company plans to impose fines on abusive calls.

Check below how the fines will work.

Anatel charges fines for abusive connections. Photo: publicity

Anatel charges a fine of R$ 50 million for abusive calls

Consumers feel uncomfortable with short calls that last an average of 3 seconds and happen on a recurring basis. Individuals tend to receive constant calls from the same phone number, however, when they answer, it’s always the same company trying to get in touch to offer something that consumers have already said they don’t want. As much as you try to block the number, calls can be made from another chip or cell phone. With that, Anatel sought to take some measures to put an end to this situation.

Anatel published, last Wednesday (19), in the Official Gazette of the Union that it will take a new precautionary measure in order to combat abusive telemarketing. Thus, companies that insist on calls and fail to comply with the rules will have to pay a fine of up to BRL 50 million. The objective, therefore, is that the well-known short calls can come to an end. This is because companies hire robots to make the calls. So, artificial intelligence aims to verify if the customer number is active and being used. From there, a telemarketer starts making real calls.

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How will blocking calls work?

The decision taken by Anatel is that there is an expansion in blocking this type of call, where the customer feels irritated by the constant calls. Many times, the individual can even spend a large part of his day answering these calls that, because they come from unknown numbers, may believe they are coming from a friend or acquaintance from another contact. So, when they answer, they realize that it’s only a certain company calling again exhaustively.

Therefore, Anatel determined that the measure will be considered abusive when the company executes an average of 100 thousand calls per access code in a single day, or when that same number of calls are made considering the total accesses per day, which may end up cataloging the percentage of 85% of short calls.

Thus, companies that fail to comply with this rule must pay a fine of up to R$50 million. It is up to the service providers, then, to identify the companies that are making the constant calls and then block them. Also, telecommunications companies should also create a consumer portal so that it can be easier to reach companies that are carrying out the abusive practice.

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