Avatar created from the metaverse will present its fashion collection

The metaverse is coming for good to change people’s lives like no one ever imagined. It is a virtual world, where it is possible to replicate reality through digital devices. The metaverse is the future, but maybe that future is now, and within that universe anything can happen. For example, in November, the princess Aiana will be the first avatar a to sign a parade in fashion at the Brazil.

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The metaverse entering new places

The collection it will be displayed at Brazil Immersive Fashion Week, the biggest week of fashion immersive gives America Latinof the 10th The 20 from November. For whom there is not access (or intimacy) to metaverse, the collection will also be visible in the State, space dedicated The innovation technological in São Paul.

“Both in physical and virtual spaces, we need to find possibilities of aesthetic choice in line with what we believe in”, says Olívia Merquior, creator of BRIFW. “Fashion in the metaverse follows this quest to incorporate, in our social image, desires and values ​​translated into wearable objects, created in an analog or digital way”.

Meet Princess Aiana and her creator

Cairê Moreira, 3D consultant, is the mind behind the creation of Princess Aiana’s avatar. It uses technology and virtual reality for create clothes digital, trend what generated more than US$ 50 billion in revenue only in this year. His company, Genyz, also researches the use of avatars as social media digital influencers.

In life real, real “inspiration” of the princess Thereana comes from stylists Raphael Pereira and Isadora Guimarães, who helped Cairê to co-create all the looks that will be presented during the event, filled in quotes current and timeless of streetwear, in addition in many other oversize pieces.

From the imaginary to the real and vice versa

O job from oha-N-A will be available free soon after the presentation. At the however, O segment usually snake – is expensive – per clothes at NFT form (a type in authentication digital that theoretically ensures what exists only a version of that item).

If you purchase a NFT gives our collection, unblock some benefits. One their is that you get to throw one foto with The Reality increased at camera of your cell with the item of clothing you just bought“, explains Bianca Torquato, founder of the first marketplace in Brazil.

In the future, the ask can to be used fur ownerfor example, in a game, or even generating one version symbolic physics to be used in the world real.

Fabio Roberto Mariano, manager of sector in fashion and Business, it says that the metaverse open all one World in possibilities. So, the brands they are collaborating with games global, flipping digital collections, avatars and NFTs.

initial barriers

With that, the opportunities ranging from the interaction between physical and virtual environments, both for stores how much for productsuntil the marketing in both the realities, simultaneously or not.

Despite of hype, the size gives industry fashionable still create some obstaclesas:

  • the access The new technologies become companies and brands most competitive;
  • a force in job in formation which is not yet enough for Act in this new Marketplace digital;
  • great part from class worker of sector still it presents lows levels in schooling;
  • high level of sympathy and competitiveness;
  • the 4.0 revolution is still on crawling at majority of companies of the sector.

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