Casagrande returns to detonate Neymar after posting about Bolsonaro on social networks

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Commentator said that player has dubious character

Internet disclosure
Internet disclosure

The commentator and journalist Casagrande, ex-Globo, returned to detonate the player Neymar, after the Brazilian made a post in support of Jair Bolsonaro. On his personal Instagram, Neymar posted a video in support of Bolsonaro, but had his post censored for understanding ‘fake news’.

After the Brazilian’s post was censored, Casagrande, in a post on the website ‘UOL Esporte’, returned to detonate the number 10 of the Brazilian National Team, and also stated that the attacker’s character is dubious. The same Casagrande who recently criticized Neymar, as he was tried for corruption in Spain.

“Neymar always had a dubious character. Through his father, Neymar asked the fascist Bolsonaro for a million-dollar debt forgiveness. But now he has overcome himself and posted fake news, something dirty and cowardly. Fake Ney: you are a terrible and fake Brazilian citizen”publishes Casagrande, in UOL Esporte.

The journalist’s strong statement, obviously, became a topic on social networks, since Neymar has a vast collection of fans spread around the world.

Days ago, Casagrande also used strong words when talking about the PSG striker.

While they were handing out the Ballon d’Or, Brazil’s best player was on trial, giving testimony on corruption charges. Everyone thought they would win ten Ballons d’Or. What did he achieve individually? Anything”said.


Serving suspension, Neymar will be present at PSG’s next home game for the Champions League, next Tuesday.

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