Check out how to be invisible on Instagram

Many Instagram users want to be invisible on the social network. There are people who even want to read messages without the contact knowing, but the application does not allow you to disable the read receipt, unlike WhatsApp, for example.

In addition, some of the users would also like to view the Stories without leaving a trace. However, Instagram records the view the moment the content is opened.

4 tips to stay “invisible” on Instagram

Here are some tricks to be invisible on Instagram:

Turn off activity status

First, you can turn off the activity status in the app so that your Direct contacts don’t know if you’re online or not. With this, followers won’t even know when was the last time the user entered the chat.

However, it is worth noting that, when deactivating this function, it will not be possible to see people’s status. So, to activate this feature, you must:

  • Open the Instagram profile;
  • Select the list icon in the upper right corner;
  • Access settings;
  • Click on “Privacy”;
  • Select “Activity Status”;
  • Turn off the switch next to “Show Activity Status”.

External apps that allow you to view Stories anonymously

What few Instagram users know is that there are external apps that allow you to view Stories anonymously. So, check out some of them available for Android and iOS:

  • SilentStory;
  • Blindstory;
  • Story Saver;
  • Anonymous Stories Viewer.

External applications to read messages without acknowledging read

In addition to seeing Stories without leaving a trace, it is possible to read Direct messages without the contact knowing. In this way, this can be done through applications such as Unseen, for example. But it is worth noting that this option is only available for Android.

Activate airplane mode to be able to look at profiles without leaving accidental likes

This tip is not only valid for reading messages in Direct, but also for stalking someone’s profile without running the risk of being discovered. That’s because, without an internet connection, even if the person accidentally likes a photo, the like will not appear.

However, before activating airplane mode, you need to upload as many profile photos as possible, so that when the internet is turned off, you can view them in full screen.

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