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For those who dream of immersing themselves in books and experiencing the fictional or real stories told in their pages, the telecine help you. On October 29, the National Book Day is celebrated and the brand specializing in cinema, still impacted by the Superpremiere of Lost City, which narrates the adventures of the writer Loretta, character of Sandra Bullock, has the perfect tip to warm up for the date: a cinelist filled with films based on literary works. There are more than 60 productions of different genres and for all tastes for the marathon to start at any time in the Telecine catalog, within Globoplay and via operators.

The thematic selection has Brazilian productions such as carandiru, which has a script inspired by the reports of Dr Drauzio Varella about his experience in ten years of volunteer care in a prison in São Paulo. The live-actions are also present with Clifford the Giant Red Dog. Famous in Norman Bridwell’s children’s books and in the cartoon version, the character spreads cuteness and confusion wherever he goes.

Comedy, drama and romance pack the next production. After the success of the book, it was Stephen Chbosky’s turn to adapt The advantages of being invisible to the cinemas. Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Erin Wilhelmi, Mae Whitman and Paul Rudd bring the characters of the plot to life. And for fans of the genre “from literary works to cinema”, the five feature films of the saga Twilightwritten by Stephenie Meyer, from first to Breaking Dawn Part 2, are available on the platform. If you want to continue with the theme “ravishing passion”, Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) are already heating up the mood with Fifty Shades of grey and Fifty Shades More darkfilms inspired by the books by British writer EL James.

On Saturday, the 29th, there is also a program to commemorate the date and two authors of fiction will be on Telecine Pipoca at 8:05 pm. in the romantic comedy The Book of Love, Sam Claflin plays a writer who has his book stranded on bookstore shelves around the world, except in Mexico. He travels to the country for a tour and discovers that Maria (Verónica Echegui), the work’s translator, has rewrote the entire story with a touch of Mexican pepper. At 10pm, Sandra Bullock is famous novelist Loretta in Lost City. In the story, after being kidnapped by one of her admirers, she realizes that the exotic place she created for her books has become real. The romantic adventure also features Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt in a cameo.

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