could be in debt of R$ 3 billion today

Club went through a process of financial readjustment before the years of glory and austerity

O Flamengotoday, is one of the clubs with the highest salary in Brazilian football, having the resources to invest in big signings year after year and with titles to spare in recent seasons.

Years ago, however, this was unthinkable. Vice President of Finance under Eduardo Bandeira de Mello, Claudio Pracownik opened the game about the period in which he arrived at the club and made a projection of how much Flamengo could owe if it had not adapted its reality.

“Each real I received paid 13 debts. We were a Debt Football Club. we see the Botafogo being sold to a media group, a nifty restructuring project. They said that Botafogo was broke, with 1.2 debt. Flamengo’s would be much superior to that one. If it was BRL 880 million estimated in 2013, put the correction index and see how much it would be: R$ 3 billion“, he said in an interview with Charla Podcast.

Pracownik even mentioned a debt negotiation he had at the beginning of his term with a player, without naming names, to exemplify the club’s critical situation.

“There was a negotiation with a player who wanted to pawn Flamengo. I took him, took him to the balcony of Gávea and showed him the pool. It was empty. That was a symbol of our management. pool had a hole. Couldn’t put water on if she leaves. It is the symbol of economic waste,” he said.

“I told him that the pool pump had two attachments. ‘Do you think I’m worried about your attachment? I am offering to pay you and I will honor it. You will receive everything, in the time I can pay you. Or you can settle for being the third bomb pawn‘. He said: let’s go in and talk,” he added.

Finally, the former leader drew a comparison with the situation experienced in recent years by the cruisestating that the red-black board admitted the possibility of a fall to the Serie Bbut that he did not give up the project of recovering the club financially.

“You can follow that old world, of going into debt and getting to where Cruzeiro is. We knew it could happen (relegation). We were champions of Brazil’s Cup (2013) I don’t know how, on the shirt. We used to say: if you have to fall, you will fall, but we rise never to fall again. Cruzeiro was the opposite: it fell and stayed. If I didn’t have the opportunity of the SAF law, I could stay there for the rest of my life, fall to Serie C and end the club”, he concluded.

Flamengo’s upcoming matches

America-MG (F) – 10/22 – Brazilian

saints (C) – 10/25 – Brazilian Championship

Atletico-PR (N) – 10/29 – Conmebol Libertadores

Where to watch Flamengo vs Athletico-PR?

Flamengo vs Athletico PR will be broadcast live by ESPN on Star+on the 29th of October, at 17:00 (Brasília time)

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