Drew Barrymore’s Downfall Goes Viral

The actress fell out of a chair as she prepared to compose a jazz theme on her show ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’. Drew Barrymore’s crush goes viral as soon as she posted the picture on her Instagram.

Drew Barrymore at the time of imbalance

When posting the video that shows her fall, where the usual ‘scream’ can be heard, the actress writes with humor: “When jazz gets you out of your mind”. Which translated to 72,599 likes in just a few hours.

Watch the video and confirm.

The fall of an ‘Charlie’s Angel’ stirs up social media

Drew Barrymore lost his balance and fell out of his chair as he tried to sit up, and then there were jokes with the looped scream.

The fans of the actress and singer did not take long to react and soon spoke of her unpretentious personality. “This is why we love you”, said one of the fans and followers of the star of ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

The actress has a talk show on CBS that is already in its third season and with great success. Many Hollywood names have been on her show, naturally.

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu

Fans want the trio to return

But fans want to see Drew in the cinema, and in terms of Charlie’s Angels, a film that brings the actress together with Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz on the big screen, it is very likely that a third film will come.

Who started talking about it was Drew Barrymore herself later this month, according to Hello.

The same publication reveals that the actress stated that, if there was a chance of a third film, she would say a resounding “Yes”. And that she doesn’t rule out the possibility of the other two protagonists, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz saying ‘yes’ too.

On his Instagram, long before this fall post, Drew posted images of the three actresses.

Read more about the actress here and here

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