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The Friday (21) of free practice at the formula 1 us United States was particularly hectic. Not so much on the track, it’s true, but still very busy. It turns out that the day of activities was far from any standard from a technical point of view. Because of the tire tests, the teams had to change the schedule in Austin and only Saturday will reveal more about the potential scenario for Sunday, although the Ferrari led the actions. The case is that the paddock of Circuit of the Americas went hotter. This is because the offense committed by the red bull regarding the budget ceiling remains very strong in the headlines, accompanied by the late report published by FIA (International Automobile Federation) about the reckless events that occurred during the japan GPplayed two weeks ago.

Although Max Verstappen already secured the double championship in 2022a F1 still discusses the intense last season. The revelation that the bullfighting team, in fact, exceeded the spending limit imposed by the regulations would already be widely debated, but the information that the FIA ​​proposed an agreement ended up establishing new parameters. And that was the main topic of the day.

The news about the possible hit is from the BBC broadcaster. The scenario that emerges is the following: the entity that governs the sport understands that it can put an end to the imbroglio, also ensuring that nothing changes with regard to the past championship. In practice, the idea is for the energy drink squad to take the blame and carry out a minor sanction – a kind of plea bargain. Some understand it as a low price to pay, even if the team itself, in the role of the boss Christian Horner, not be completely satisfied with the terms. There is talk of limiting the use of the wind tunnel and other restrictions.

The case is very reminiscent of the deal made with Ferrari and its controversial engine in 2019.

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Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA president, talks with Mercedes’ Toto Wolff during practice in Austin (Photo: Reproduction / TV)

However, this move is not seen with good eyes by sectors of the paddock. “I think the sport needs to do something about this in the future,” he said. Lewis Hamilton commenting on the matter on Thursday. “Otherwise, if you relax about the rules, all teams will just go through the roof and spend millions. This is not good for the sport, because there will no longer be a limit in the future.”

The president of the highest body, Mohammed Ben Sulayemwas caught during training in conversations with Toto Wolffboss of mercedes, and other representatives. In fact, the team had scheduled an extraordinary press conference for this Friday, but did not hold it. Rumors had it that Horner was looking for an early meeting with Ben Sulayem, which ended up not happening. The meeting only took place at the end of the day.

For now, everything is floating in the sea of ​​speculation, which is never a good sign. Once again, this is also due to the FIA’s lack of transparency. So far there is no information on what exactly the Taurus’ violation was – only that it was a minor infraction, that is, something that did not exceed US$ 7.2 million (or approximately R$ 37 million).

The regulation provides for sanctions for cases like this, ranging from a warning to the loss of points, which would jeopardize the 2021 results. delicate moment that the FIA ​​is going through – even for everything that happened in Japan, the problems involving the race direction and the retreat when having to choose just one race boss.

Christian Horner’s Red Bull is in the sights of the FIA ​​and other rivals such as Mercedes and Ferrari (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

This Saturday, alongside rivals Mercedes and Ferrari, Horner is scheduled for the usual interview with team principals. I mean, the saga goes on.

Already on the track, Friday revealed little about what to expect for the weekend in the US. In preparation for qualifying and the race, the teams had only the first free practice, but nothing conclusive can be done. The track was still very green, and that put the performance in perspective. Still, you can put the Ferrari as a pole contender – it’s almost a tradition in 2022. But the fact is, the red car looks like it was made for fast laps. Carlos Sainz led in the first session, while Charles Leclerc led the activities in the late afternoon.

Red Bull faced problems during FP2 and did not impress, but the Austrian team usually leaves the best for Saturday and Sunday, always surprising Ferrari. Mercedes, on the other hand, took several updates and promoted tests throughout the day. Circuit of the Americas seems to like the enigmatic W13.

The caveat here goes to tire testing. The second workout was extended, lasting 90 minutes, so that it was possible to examine the compounds for 2023. Pirelli guided the progress of the work. For example, there were no markings on the tires, and the teams committed to running short stretches of five laps and longer stretches of eight, with different fuel loads. The compounds were subjected to the lower temperatures of the thermal blankets, measures already in anticipation of new rules.

Alex Palou was impressed with the car (Photo: AFP)

“We were finally able to complete the first part of the test program for 2023 after the wet weather canceled the planned session in Japan. The work we did in FP2 here will allow us to analyze valuable data collected on the harder compounds, as will next weekend’s second session in Mexico City, which will give us some useful information on the softer compounds.” Isola, the boss of Pirelli.

“It was an important day. The windy conditions and uneven surface also highlighted today how the Circuit of the Americas remains one of the most interesting circuits for drivers and engineers alike,” he added.

Finally, the presence of new names on the F1 timesheet during FP1 should be highlighted. Robert Schwartzman (Ferrari), Theo Pourchaire (Alfa Romeo) and Logan Sargeant (Williams) were the rookies of the day and defended well, as did Alex Palouwho had the chance to guide the McLaren again. The Spaniard was able to print a good pace, even without the best compounds. Antonio Giovinazzi was comic relief of the day in the bizarre accident with the haha.

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