“I made love to ghosts,” declares Joy Behar

Comedian Joy Behar surprised everyone with the big reveal that she’s had sex with nothing less than ghosts!

@nicolybastos_| Published on 10/20/2022 at 5:30 pm – Updated on 10/21/2022 at 11:20 am

the comedian Joy Behar shocked her fellow program benches The View when he revealed that he “had sex with some ghosts” as they discussed footage of a woman who claimed to have “sexual ghosts” in her home.

The matter came up after the program aired a video of a woman who claimed to have had dubious relationships with ghosts. According to her, the spirits made provocative comments when she was alone in the place and claimed that she had already managed to film them. That’s when the comedian revealed that she went through the same thing.

Joy first opined: “Let me help you. Is she having sexual hallucinations? We all have it, we read novels to have sexual hallucinations, right?”.

“If you have sex with a ghost, can you get pregnant?” He asked Sara Haines.“I had sex with some ghosts and never got pregnant”revealed Behar – leaving the rest of the presenters quite surprised. “I’ll let it go”, replied Whoopi Goldberg, laughing with the others. “I don’t know how many of you just heard what Joy just said, but I’ll let it go.”

Who remembers when Kesha also reported having experienced something similar?

“I have this song called ‘Supernatural’. It’s about supernatural experiences, but in a sexy way. I’ve had some experiences. I don’t know his name, he was a ghost and I’m very open to that.”


Whether or not ghosts exist is largely up to one’s belief, but it is a fact that some people experience more supernatural events than others. Vanessa Hudgens stated that he encountered ghosts and experienced “many” scary things in their life which made her conclude that she has a supernatural “gift”.

The artist said in a new interview with The Kelly Clarkson Show who now channels these “scary” events into something positive.

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