In a five-goal game, Bragantino beats Athletico for the Brasileirão

Red Bull Bragantino beat Athletico Paranaense 4-2 this afternoon (22), in a match played at the Nabi Abi Chedid stadium, in Bragança Paulista (SP), valid for the opening of the 33rd round of the Brazilian Championship. Eric Ramires, Werik Popó and Luan Cândido scored twice for the hosts, while Vitor Bueno and Vitinho scored for the visitors.

The result, for now, does not change the tournament table considering that the other teams still play throughout the weekend and next Monday. The result makes Massa Bruta momentarily remain in 13th place, with 41 points added. The same happens with Hurricane, which remains in 6th position, with 51.

It went well: Luan Cândido does it twice

In addition to closing the left flank alongside Jadsom and preventing Canobbio’s advances, Luan Cândido scored a great free-kick. The defender took advantage of the barrier failure and sent goalkeeper Bento into the corner, who stood still in the center of the goal and just watched the ball enter. In the second, he received a low cross at 45′ of the second half and pushed it towards the goal.

Too bad: Canobbio misses decisive ball

Canobbio didn’t do well on the pitch. In addition to not being able to get past Jadsom’s mark and consequently not finishing, he got the failure that resulted in the second goal of the home team. The forward lost the ball to Sorriso who played it to Artur inside the area and kicked it on the post. On the rebound, Popó sent it into the goal.

Bragantino was not aware of the Hurricane that was passing through the city of Bragança Paulista and, after making it 1 to 0 when noticing the retreat of the team commanded by Felipão, did not rest. Maurício Barbieri’s team started to recover the ball when the ball was out, attacking and taking advantage of cross-ball plays, taking into account the constant failures of the defense mounted by Pedro Henrique and Thiago Heleno.

Werik Popó and Eric Ramires also score

Still in the 5′ of the first half, Eric Ramires took advantage of the failure of the Hurricane’s defense that hit the head and kicked the goalkeeper Bento’s exit to open the scoring and score the first goal of the game. At 39′, forward Popó took advantage of Artur’s kick rebound, which hit the crossbar, and pushed the ball to the back of the net.

Athetico tries until the last minutes

The Hurricane started off in the first minutes and suffered pressure from Bragantino. In a failure of the defensive sector ended up suffering the first goal. The team remained apathetic to the game throughout the match and missed passes, especially after conceding two more goals before the break. Unable to escape Massa Bruta’s offensive marking, Hurricane only managed to balance the situation in the second stage by scoring twice and reducing the difference when the hosts put their foot on the brake, decreased the marking and bet on the game behind.

Vitor Bueno and Vitinho decrease

Hurricane managed to make a possible victory less hazy. Vitor Bueno took advantage of Abner’s kick in the 18′ and just dominated and risked a shot from outside the area hitting the right corner of goalkeeper Cleiton. Three minutes later, Vitinho, who also came off the bench, cleared the defense and hit a shot in the left corner and closed the gap.


Eric Ramires took advantage of a mistake by the Hurricane defense and scored in the 5th minute. The score was extended to 39, with a goal by the opportunist Popó. Before the break, at 49′, Luan Cândido took a free kick on Bento’s counterfoot and scored the third goal of the match. Vitor Bueno scored for Hurricane in the 18′ of the second half with a goal from outside the area and Vitinho, in the 21′ also scored his own. At 45′, Luan Cândido received a low cross and just pushed it towards the goal.

Upcoming clashes

The Hurricane faces the leader of the competition, Palmeiras, next Tuesday (25), at 21:45, at Arena da Baixada, for the Brasileirão. The following day Massa Bruta faces Botafogo, away from home, at 19h, for the same championship.


Competition: 33rd round of the Brasileirão
Date and time: 10/22/2022 (Saturday), at 4:30 pm (Brasília time)
Place: Nabi Abi Chedid stadium, in Bragança Paulista (SP)
Referee: Caio Max Augusto Vieira
Assistants: Jean Márcio dos Santos and Brígida Cirilo Ferreira
Yellow cards: Abner Vinícius, Thiago Heleno, Pedro Henrique (CAP).
goals: Eric Ramires (BGT), at 5′ of the 1st T; Werik Popó (BGT), at 39′ of the 1st T; Luan Candido (BGT) at 49′ of the 1st T and at 45′ of the 2nd T; Vitor Bueno (CAP), at 18′ of the 2nd T; Vitinho (CAP), at 21′ of the 2nd quarter.

BRAGANTINO RED BULL: Cleiton, Kevin Lomónaco, Natan, Luan Cândido, Aderlan, Raul, Eric Ramires (Gabriel Novaes), Jadsom, Artur (Ramon), Werik Popó (Carlos Eduardo) and Sorriso (Hyoran) (Nathan Camargo). Technician: Mauricio Barbieri.

Atletico-PR: Bento, Thiago Heleno, Pedro Henrique, Abner Vinícius (Rômulo), Khellven, Erick (Hugo Moura), David Terans (Vitor Roque), Alex Santana, Agustín Canobbio (Vitinho), Tomás Cuello (Vitor Bueno) and Pablo. Technician: Felipe.

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