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Instagram announced this Thursday (20) changes for users to protect themselves from unwanted interactions. One of the novelties will make the social network hide offensive messages that replace letters with numbers to circumvent protection filters.

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The idea is to identify cases of intentional misspellings. For example, the feature will detect if a stranger sends you a bad word and replaces the letter “i” with the number “1”. In this case, the social network will not send a notification and will “hide” the message in the “Hidden Requests” folder.

Protection is part of the “hidden words” feature. Launched by Instagram in 2021, it protects users from messages that contain offensive words, phrases and emojis sent by people they do not follow.

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How to avoid offensive messages on Instagram

The hidden words feature can be opened by accessing your profile from the photo in the lower right corner of the screen and then clicking on the three-dash icon () in the upper right corner of the screen. Then follow these steps:

  1. In the Instagram menu, click “settings“;
  2. Select “Privacy“;
  3. Choose the option “hidden words“;
  4. Then enable protections.

On the page, it is possible to hide offensive comments from posts in feed, Reels, in lives, on IGTV and, with the new update, in comments in stories.

The social network also offers an option for advanced filtering of comments and hiding contact requests that may involve scams or spam.

The “hidden words” feature also allows each user to create their own list of words, phrases and emojis they don’t want to see. To do this, just go to the resource page, tap on “Manage custom words and phrases” and activate the options to hide this content.

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