“It could have gone more…”; Half ‘cava’ return to Vasco de Jorginho in 2023 and projects future


During an interview with Charla Podcast, the midfielder revealed the mistakes he made that hampered his career evolution

Half 'cava' return to Vasco de Jorginho in 2023 and projects future
© Photo: Rafael Vieira/AGIFHalf ‘cava’ return to Vasco de Jorginho in 2023 and projects future

Vasco continues in search of access to the Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, currently occupies the fourth place of the second place with 56 points, keeping only three of advantage for the first place outside the qualifying zone. Cruz-Maltino comes from four unbeaten games, with two wins and two draws. The Club’s board awaits the access confirmation to search for reinforcements for 2023.

However, a former midfielder of the Rio de Janeiro team dreams of returning to hill giant. Its about bernard, who was moved to remember the mistakes made throughout his career. The player also highlighted that he regrets some attitudes and pointed out that it could take this further. “I could have gone more. What bothers me is that people are judging. I’m good, I don’t hurt anyone. I have a wonderful family, I have beautiful children. Wonderful father and mother. I made wrong choices.”

“I’ve heard the director say that I’m a bad character, a murderer, a bum. I just made the wrong choices at the wrong times. I liked it, you like the stop, it’s good for c…. You have access to a lot. It was after I arrived here in Rio. It has access to everything. I was always good. I arrive in Rio, alone, I separate from my ex-wife, I start to have a relationship with the mother of my children, today she is my wife, but we do not stay together, but I lived alone here in Rio. What’s up”, declared.

bernard believes that if he hadn’t made so many mistakes, he could be among the summoned for the Cup. “We have regrets, but today, if everything was in the way, at least on the national team’s bench I would be”, highlighted. The athlete also emphasized that he dreams of returning to Vasco, where he stood out in the 2011 season, winning the title of Brazil’s Cup.

“I have this dream, it’s my father’s wish, he talks to me a lot, I’m 32, I’m going to be 33. The quality of some Serie A and B clubs is low. I tell my father I’m still going to play. You can play three, four, five years playing with quality. We don’t lose the gift, because God gave the gift. It’s all in God’s moment. I want to go back to Vasco. If that happens, next year or in 2024, I’m going to play a Serie A or B again”, highlighted.

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