Lafarge: the French multinational sentenced to pay R$4 billion for supporting the Islamic State

  • Beth Timmins
  • Business reporter, BBC News

Heavily armed Islamic State fighters pass through Raqqa, Syria (June 30, 2014)

Credit, Reuters

photo caption,

The self-proclaimed Islamic State has become one of the most feared jihadist groups in the world.

For the first time in history, a company has pleaded guilty in US court to supporting the so-called Islamic State group and another terrorist group.

This is French cement manufacturer Lafarge, which agreed on Tuesday (10/18) to pay a fine of US$ 777.8 million (about R$ 4.1 billion) for payments made to keep a factory in functioning in Syria after war broke out in 2011.

US prosecutors said that so far no company in the country had admitted to being guilty of aiding terrorists.

Lafarge said it “deeply regrets” what happened and “accepts responsibility for the executives involved”.

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