Laziness of the videos of books doing “L”. By Luis Felipe Miguel

Chico Buarque makes the “L” of Lula with a video book by Cia. of the Letters (Image: Reproduction)

I’m lazy with this speech that we should do poetry and art, because “they don’t tolerate it”. Or videos of books making L, where we dedicate ourselves to throwing confetti at ourselves, inside our bubble.

How civilized, creative, cultured we are, right?

What good is all this if we are incapable of stopping the destruction of civilization, creativity and culture?

The task of the moment is only one: to defeat obscurantism on the 30th.

If we fail at it, we are finished.

I remember what John Adams said – not the composer, but the second president of the United States: I study politics and war so my children can study mathematics, philosophy and natural science; and their children, painting, poetry and music.

See the video below:

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