Lie influencer: Zoey Deutch reveals reflections she had with the film

“Be careful what you wish for” is one of the striking phrases from the trailer for Lie influencera new film that features Zoey Deutch, Mia Isaac, Dylan O’Brien and which is available on Star+.

The story of the production follows the young Danni Sanders, an aspiring writer who wants to be known on social media until she has to face the consequences of wrong attitudes and choices she made to achieve what she wanted.

Multiple Zoey Deutch selfies lined up in two rows;  they are with colored filters in blue, pink, blue and green;  the actress is laughing and grimacing as she plays her character in the movie
Zoey Deutch in Not Okay Star+/Disclosure

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In a conversation with CAPRICHO, Zoey Deutch told how the concept of the impacts of social networks, both on and off screens, made her reflect: “[O filme] generated lots of conversations between friends and co-workers about cancel culture, about wanting to feel included, about redemption, about privilege and it made me have these interesting and stimulating conversations that I really enjoyed exploring.”

Working with a complex character, the actress recalled the recording period and how her perspective on Danni changed over time, taking into account her preparation process to play her. “I was very supportive and protective of her while I was playing her because, you know, you never want to judge her character. You wanna dive into it and see where it’s coming from.”

Once out of the skin of the protagonist, Zoey had the chance to see her details and nuances better: “Obviously, now, I can see… I am able to walk away, [agora que] I’m not playing her anymore, and I’m more aware and well aware that she’s privileged, misguided and the mistakes she makes are very brutal.“, he explained.

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In the course of the plot, Danni’s story connects mainly with Rowan Aldren, a remarkable character played by Mia Isaacwho meets her through a support group for trauma survivors.

The two get closer and closer and Zoey highlighted the importance of this relationship in the story: “The her character is very authentic, very serious and mine is very manic and frantic and intense. I loved doing the scenes with her because they grounded the film. I mean, she’s the heart and soul of the movie. She is the protagonist. I really enjoyed working with her.”

On the other hand, the relationship between Danni and Colin, character of Dylan O’Brienhas a different dynamic in the narrative and Deutch revealed what it was like to work with the actor once again, as this is not the first time that the duo appears together in a project: “We shot one after the other, so doing this project in London called The Outfitand then doing this satire where we’re playing people who want to be influencers had a big difference, a big contrast.”

She also assured that she wants to act again with O’Brien in the future. “I love working with Dylan and I’m sure we’ll do it again in the future. Hopefully soon,” Zoey said.

So, have you watched the movie?

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