Man puts penis in bottle and woman is infected with ‘incurable’ STI

A woman claims to have been infected with an “incurable” sexually transmitted infection (STI) after a janitor stuck his penis in her water bottle while at work.

The suspect is Lucio Díaz, a 50-year-old Mexican who is in the United States illegally. He’s in immigration custody.

The case took place in a medical office building in Texas and the action was recorded by a hidden camera. Díaz was cleaning one of the rooms and, seeing the bottle with no one around, he committed the act.

“This guy is a sick man,” said she, who is married with two daughters and preferred to remain anonymous. “He took out his penis and started sticking it in my water, probably halfway through. So he tipped the bottle and basically rinsed his penis in my water.”

According to the American, after what happened, she tested positive for an “incurable” STI, but did not reveal which one. “I acquired (an STI) for which he also tested positive. He gave me an STI that I will have for the rest of my life. Nothing will change that. I want him to pay for what he did to me and then be deported,” she told ABC13.

Lucio Díaz continued working on the building after all, according to the American, even though the management of the place had been notified. According to the woman’s lawyer, Kim Spurlock, those responsible for the building failed to protect the tenants.

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