Man with knife and clown mask scares children in England

A man armed with a knife and wearing a clown mask terrorized children at a children’s school in England, pointing at them and chasing them across the lawn. After being arrested, he claimed that it was all a “prank”.

Drelle Willis, 21, was seen wearing the spooky mask on the lawn of an elementary school in Fallowfield, Manchester, around 5pm on 22 September.

According to eyewitness testimony, Willis kept “staring” at the children and “exhibiting threatening behavior.” The school principal called the police because, he said, the children were “absolutely petrified”, the British tabloid Manchester Evening News learned.

Half an hour later, police spotted him nearby and he was found with a large kitchen knife hidden in his sleeve. Willis, of Fairlawn Close, Manchester, admitted to possessing the knife.

Prosecutor Mark Pritchard said Wilbraham Primary School principal called 911 after seeing an “unknown man” standing on the lawn wearing a clown mask and “exhibiting threatening behavior”.

“He said the place is usually open for public use after hours, and children and families often play there,” the prosecutor said. “He told the emergency responder that the defendant was looking at the children and moving towards them in a scary way.”

“When the children walked away, he followed them, even if they were distressed.”

The principal told officers he “grabbed” some of the children and took them into the school as they were “terrified”, according to the court.

Willis, who had no previous convictions, was arrested and searched by police. The officers found a kitchen knife hidden in his shirt sleeve, as well as the clown mask.

stepfather abuse

Rebecca Caulfield, Willis’s defense attorney, told the court that her client suffered “abuse” from his mother and stepfather during his childhood and has since moved in with his grandmother. He is also diagnosed with autism and learning disabilities, she said.

Willis took a clown mask and kitchen knife from his grandmother’s house after having “unexpected” contact with his stepfather that day. The lawyer said her client intended to play a “joke” on her father.

“He was upset about the whole situation,” she said. “He didn’t know how to react. He was using it to play with his stepfather,” said the defender. “The knife was there for protection, as in the past his stepfather had threatened him.”

In his ruling, Judge Recorder Nicholas Williams argued: “When someone carries a knife in public, even if they believe it is for their own protection, the risk of someone being injured or even killed increases dramatically. that carrying knives in public is simply not acceptable and will be dealt with by the courts.”

Willis was sentenced to six months in prison and banned from entering the Manchester area where he was captured.

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