Manchester United already considering a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo

After the acts of indiscipline that made Manchester United’s board remove Cristiano Ronaldo this week, the focus is already on the club’s future and on a possible replacement for the Portuguese star. According to press reports in the United Kingdom, Manchester United has already been mapping the market with an eye on a new option to take over Ronaldo’s place in the team. In this way, the also Portuguese João Félix has been observed.

This is not the first time that Manchester United have turned their focus to the 22-year-old, but at the moment there is a greater possibility of concluding the negotiation. Since leaving Benfica to play for Atlético de Madrid, João Félix has not been able, in Spanish football, to repeat the outstanding performances he had at the club in the Portuguese capital.

Despite still having the confidence of coach Diego Simeone, João Félix is ​​no longer an indispensable player in the squad and has been losing ground. The Portuguese has played 12 matches this season and started seven. However, in the last six games in which he was listed, João Félix was on the bench and entered the final minutes of four of those games.

A negotiation with another team is not completely ruled out and the European press has been pointing out that one factor could be decisive: businessman Jorge Mendes. The professional takes care of João Félix’s career as well as Cristiano Ronaldo’s and has a good relationship with Manchester United. In this way, the English club may be able to convince Atletico Madrid to release Félix.

The big problem for United would be the amount they would have to pay. Even though Félix is ​​not used often, the English made an investment of 130 million euros when they signed him from Benfica. The idea is to try to recover part of this value in a future negotiation. Although in a hurry for a new offensive option, the English will be able to wait until the end of the current season. Félix for 130 million euros, but the Spanish club turned down the offer.

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