Mila Kunis shines in Netflix’s regular A Very Lucky Girl

Released in 2016, the book A Very Lucky Girl caught the attention of those who like a mix of drama and suspense. The work has now become a movie on Netflix and features Mila Kunis as the protagonist Ani Fanelli. Following the path of the literary version, the production became a hit at the red video store.

A Very Lucky Girl tells the story of Ani Fanelli, a sharp-tongued woman who seems to have it all: a coveted position in a magazine, an incredible wardrobe and a dream wedding in sight. One day, she is invited to participate in a crime documentary about a shocking incident that happened as a teenager and ends up having to face a truth that threatens to end all this perfection.

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Directed by Mike Barker, the film has topped Netflix’s most watched list. In Brazil and in more than 70 countries, Uma Girl with Much Luck is in the TOP10. In the United States, for example, production occupies the first place – as well as in the world ranking.

Despite the success of popularity, the film did not win the critics. According to Rotten Tomatoes, a website that aggregates opinion in the international press, the film reached 39% approval.

“The Very Lucky Girl tells us that we are seeing a depiction of sublimated grief and anger, yet the film progresses at such a strange pace that nothing can delve into or record more than detail. An extravagant plot thrown away,” wrote Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson.

Noel Murray of the LA Times believes the film tries (and fails) to mimic the intriguing plot of the book. Even with reservations, the critic highlights the performance of Mila Kunis. “She IS a powerful actress”, he guarantees.

Amy Nicholson of The New York Times follows suit. “Kunis, in her alpha-female version, appears both fierce and the author of a conspiratorial hoax,” she wrote.

One Lucky Girl is available on Netflix.

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