“My Mind & Me”: Selena Gomez announces news about documentary

Selena Gomez is ready to open up to the world about what she has been through in recent years. In “My Mind & Me”, artist documentary which will come out exclusively on Apple TV+, it will appropriate its own vulnerability to show you how you dealt with your head, your demons and all your issues during this period. They were released this Friday (7) new poster and the official trailer release date.

The artist is always warning her fans around mental health. Photo: Instagram/@selenagomez


The next sample of the project arrives this Monday (10), date set by the world mental health day. Far from being a mere coincidence, we already know that mental health is one of the main themes that permeate the documentary. Although she has always made a point of being very discreet about her personal life, Selena is media figure of gigantic proportions and her audience knows, at least, part of what she has been through.

Diagnosed with lupusan autoimmune disease, the artist suffers from the ramifications of the disease, which many times caused him to retreat and move away from the spotlight. Selena also underwent a Kidney transplantationsituation to which I thought I couldn’t resistas it has already come to the public to say a few times.

Your love lifealthough there is no confirmation that it will be portrayed in the audiovisual record, it is also an issue. Gomez shared years of his youth alongside Justin bieber on a controversial relationship and full of twists. The subject still yields, as when the singer’s current wife, Hailey Bieberparticipated in a podcast in which he breaks the silence on how he dealt with the issue of Justin and Selena when you start dating him.

Years later, the voice of “Lose You To Love Me” hitched a romance with Abel – better known as The Weeknd. The couple even made several public appearances, and Selena even came to accompany him on his passage to Brazil to perform at Lollapalooza 2017. However, the courtship ended suddenly and without much clarification.


It is indisputable that mental health is one of the priorities in the life of Selena, and not just yours. In 2021, the artist announced that part of the profit from the sales of rare beautyher makeup and skin care company, would be donated to the Rare Impact Fund. This is a program that supports young people in caring for their mental health.

“My Mind & Me” will be made available, in full, on the November 4th.

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